Orlando Brown reveals he has a huge tattoo of Saven Symone on his chest, and fans are confused

Orlando Brown reveals he has a huge tattoo of Saven Symone on his chest, and fans are confused
Orlando Brown (Source:Getty Images)

Orlando Brown recently revealed that he's linked to former That's So Raven co-star Raven Symone for good. The actor confessed that he carries around a huge tattoo of Symone on his chest in a recent video clip found online.

In the video clip that was posted on social media, Brown is seen flashing the huge tattoo which features Symone. Later, the former Disney star posed while showing off the tattoo wearing both sunglasses and a crown.

Symone and Brown started out as co-stars on the hit Disney show 'That's So Raven', which ran on television from 2003 to 2007. However, there have been no updates of their friendship status since then, although they did have a reunion of sorts in 2015.

Since then, Brown has been re-cast for his role as Eddie Murphy, one of Raven's best friends, in the follow-up series, Raven's Home.

In the past, both Symone and Brown have had their moments, with Brown professing his love for her multiple times and then bashing her up the next second.

“She’s far off into another land, mentally, to where she made a decision that she felt was better for her,” he told VladTV. “If she thinks that that’s what she wants to do then I love her still and I’m still in love with her and she’s running from the D.”


But the troubled Disney star resorted to bashing up his co-star when he was accused of allegedly beating his girlfriend in a parking lot and arrested for the same.

Responding to multiple reports that suggested it was Symone who bailed him out, he said, “Raven did not bail me out, my wife did. Raven ain’t even tryin’ to talk to me right now,” adding that, “She think I stole her damn phone. I ain’t a crackhead!”

However, with Brown's latest tattoo on display, and given his love-hate relationship with Symone, fans are confused as to what do they make of this new tattoo that Brown has gotten inked on his chest.


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