Orlando Bloom prances around in his birthday suit as Katy Perry applauds from the audience

The actor decided to strip down once again for his new role in a play and the 'Dark Horse' singer was present in the audience to support him.

                            Orlando Bloom prances around in his birthday suit as Katy Perry applauds from the audience
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (Getty Images)

Orlando Bloom is proud of his assets and the actor has never shied away from stripping down. However, unlike the last time where he was spotted showing his package on a paddleboard, this time it was on display in front of an audience for his play named Killer Joe. 

Orlando, who plays a detective on the show, took off his white pajamas and pink dressing gown to reveal his ripped physique. The actor looked quite comfortable as he was spotted chatting with two other characters on the stage.

Just a day before this, Katy Perry shared with her fans that she was flying to London. The singer did not hesitate to share the joy of being in the audience to watch the show. 

Taking to her Instagram, Katy shared a picture of the show's poster. The news about the couple rekindling their romance came in March. The pair was spotted taking a trip together to Prague. "Orlando has had this flat since September or October when he arrived to shoot Carnival Row,” a source told US Weekly at that time. 

“Katy and Orlando went across the street to have lunch in Savoy Restaurant, a very cozy restaurant," the source continued. The duo even enjoyed some sightseeing. “After lunch, the two left for the Prague Castle to see monumental St. Vitus Cathedral and paid the entrance fee for a guided inside tour,” the source continued. 

“They saw a Golden Lane, which is still a castle in Prague. Then they had a car take them to the Strahov Monastery, where there is a fantastic library," the source added. Meanwhile, another source confirmed Entertainment Tonight that the former couple was back together and it wasn't just hooking up. "The time they spend together alone is a way for them to build a new healthy relationship that is not under the eyes of their fans and the world," the source said. 

"They both live very busy lives and have carefully made a plan to give their love a second chance." The pair split in 2017 and the breakup was reportedly hard on Katy. While the two haven't openly confirmed their relationship, they sure have dropped enough hints to have people convinced that they are back together.