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Video of cool and calm Trader Joe's manager preventing anti-maskers from entering Oregon store goes viral

'The patience of this man.... wow... I’m sure he does not get paid enough,' a user tweeted while applauding his efforts
UPDATED JAN 19, 2021
(L) Oregon's Trader Joe's manager patiently prevented anti-maskers from entering; (R) Trader's Joe's (Getty Images)
(L) Oregon's Trader Joe's manager patiently prevented anti-maskers from entering; (R) Trader's Joe's (Getty Images)

Anti-maskers are riding on a whole different wave of conspiracy theories. Every few days a video resurfaces of anti-maskers putting themselves and the lives of those around them at risk by blatantly refusing to wear masks in public spaces. On January 12, a video posted on Twitter shows how a group of anti-maskers refused to wear masks when entering a Trader Joe's in Oregon, where a statewide mask mandate is in place. The viral video, which has now been watched over 8.1 million times, shows how the manager expertly prevented the group from entering the store.

The video, posted by @davenewworld_2, a freelance reporter, had received 151.7K likes and 39.1K retweets at the time of writing this article. "Trader Joe's manager in Oregon does a great job rejecting anti-maskers," the tweet read with a video of what went down that day outside TJ's. 


"This happened in Salem, OR. The full 8 minutes will kill your brain cells. You get the point after 30sec but I'm posting the whole thing because this staff deserves a raise," @davenewworld_2 wrote in another tweet, adding a link to the full video of the incident on his Instagram account.

In the video, one can hear the 'customer' saying, "We're here to shop...peacefully shop," to which the as yet unnamed manager replied, "No problem if you guys just want to shop, no problem if you guys just want to grab your groceries."

Another person is heard saying, "We don't want special treatment, we just want to be honored as shoppers," to which the manager replies "I hear you, I understand all of that truly."

The manager continued making his point in perhaps the most patient way ever. "Like I was telling your friends over there, I don't want to tell you guys what to think, what to do, what to believe or anything like that. I would ask kindly that you guys understand [that] here at TJ's [Trader Joe's] and what we're doing, we're just trying to work, make a living," he says in the video, adding "The difference you guys are trying to make is not gonna be made with us. But it could be made with your government."

"I am not here to debate policy. Totally respect your freedom to think whatever you guys want to think. By all means, truly I believe that," the manager said.

Trader Joe's clearly states on its website that they "require customers wear a face covering that meets the standards of applicable health authorities while shopping in our stores." The website also clarifies exceptions to this rule. "Unless otherwise directed by local rule or law, this does not apply to young children and those with medical conditions who are not able to wear face coverings."

When the customers wouldn't budge, the manager said, "All I'm saying is my responsibility as the manager of this store is to enforce the mandate."

The manager, who was wearing a mask himself, has taken the social networking site by storm, impressing users. "I hope that manager from the Trader Joe’s in Oregon is having a fantastic day," one tweeted. "The patience of this man.... wow... I’m sure he does not get paid enough," another user tweeted. "Why am i suddenly attracted to the Trader Joe's manager in Oregon," another wrote.