'Ordinary Joe' Episode 2: What happened to Joe? Jenny shares SHOCKING truth about him

Episode 2 sees Jenny revealing a big secret about Joe that could change his life forever

                            'Ordinary Joe' Episode 2: What happened to Joe? Jenny shares SHOCKING truth about him
James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau in 'Ordinary Joe' (NBC)

NBC’s latest drama series ‘Ordinary Joe’ might be having an ordinary name, but its story is certainly one of the most unique concepts we have seen in a long, long time. The premiere episode of the series gave us a glimpse of how a person’s life can be so different after choosing what he or she wants to do in their lives. So, our protagonist Joe (James Wolk) is shown living his life as a musician, a nurse, and a policeman. Every situation in his life changes according to the profession he has chosen.

The premiere episode concluded with a revelation that musician Joe has a son with Jenny (Elizabeth Lail) and he is now trying hard to find him. Meanwhile, police officer Joe is facing the worst dilemma because he doesn’t know that he has a son with Jenny. So, the latest episode takes us through policeman Joe’s life who has just been promoted to a detective after heroically saving Congressman Bobby Diaz (Natalie Martinez) from an armed person.


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However, when he and his uncle Frank (David Warshofsky) go to meet the culprit, he says that Diaz knows what he did to him? Joe was concerned after learning that and went to Jenny, who’s an Assistant District Attorney, to know about the culprit. Then, we get back to Jenny’s house and she is spending the night with her son and husband. She tells her husband that she’ll be working with Joe on a case, but her husband is not thrilled after learning that.

Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks in 'Ordinary Joe' (NBC Universal)

The reason for his disappointment is simple. If Joe gets to know about his son, then he will surely want to be a part of his life and Jenny’s real husband doesn’t want that. But, Jenny is adamant because she wants to let Joe know that he has a “neuromuscular disease” because of which their son, Christopher (John Gluck), was born physically challenged. For the uninitiated, neuromuscular diseases are those that affect the muscles and their direct nervous system control. The problems can cause either spasticity or some degree paralysis depending on the location and the nature of the problem.

As far as the show is concerned, Jenny wants to tell him about this so that he could get it checked and it doesn’t get transferred to his future children. So, does the son of nurse Joe and Jenny also became physically challenged because of the same disease? It might be one of the possibilities.

John Gluck as Christopher, James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau in 'Ordinary Joe' (NBC)


In the end, we see Jenny calling Joe to tell him about the culprit behind shooting at the Congressman Diaz’s event. However, he is busy somewhere and couldn’t pick the phone. Will Jenny tell him the truth? And how will that change everything for him as he just got asked out for a date by Jenny?

The second episode was really emotional due to some well-crafted scenes. The NBC show is turning out to be a win for the network and it seems to be getting everything right at the moment.

'Ordinary Joe' returns to NBC with a new episode every Monday at 10 pm EST. 

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