'Orange is the New Black' Season7: Fans speculate about Taystee's fate in Litchfield

Fans speculate about the fate of Taystee in season 7 of 'Orange is The New Black', after she becomes a scapegoat in Piscatella's death and receives a life sentence.

                            'Orange is the New Black' Season7: Fans speculate about Taystee's fate in Litchfield

As our favorite prison drama ‘Orange is The New Black’ is nearing its finale, we explore some fan theories on what could happen to Taystee. Taystee is one of the most beloved characters on the show, her loyalty and kindness have won many fans. Through the course of six seasons, we saw Taystee growing from a girl who couldn’t cope with living outside the prison to an icon of sorts for black lives matter movement.  
Following Poussey’s death (Taystee’s best friend in the prison), Taystee organizes a peaceful protest to seek justice for Poussey. The peaceful protest that she had planned unfortunately turns into a violent riot, resulting in the death of Correctional Officer Desi Piscatella. While fans know that Piscatella’s death was the result of an accidental shooting by new officer Natoli, the government investigators conveniently place the blame on Taystee, stating that she incited the violent riots and killed Piscatella. Taystee is found guilty of second-degree murder, and for much of the sixth season, we see her paying the price for a crime she didn’t commit. The only two people who witnessed the murder of Piscatella- Cindy, and Suzanne, weren’t of much help to poor Taystee. Cindy, in fact, betrays Taystee by testifying against her to get an early release. While Suzanne was too confused about the situation and couldn’t comprehend what was taking place.

Best friends Poussey and Taystee on 'Orange is The New Black' (JoJo Whilden/Netflix)


The fate of Taystee angered several fans. This also meant there are several fan theories floating around on her future on the show. Fans are divided about her future, while a set of fans believe that Taystee will finally get justice with the help of support groups and former officer Caputo. A popular fan theory that is doing rounds on Reddit predicts that former officer Caputo might finally step up for Taystee and shoot a documentary on the true story of what went down in the halls of Litchfield on the day of riots and thereby proving Taystee’s innocence. It is also to be noted that her case has gotten a lot of attention from the public outside and various groups are protesting for justice for Taystee, so Caputo’s documentary would only add more weight to the movement.
But not all fans believe that such a happy ending might be in store for our favorite girl. Another theory believes that Taystee might end up in prison for most of her life mirroring the reality of many prisoners who are languishing in the prisons currently on the grounds of wrong accusations.

What do you think will happen to Taystee? Will she get the justice or the raw end of the stick? Make sure you watch the new season of 'Orange Is the New Black', premiering on July 26 on Netflix, to know the fate of Taystee.

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