'Orange is The New Black' season 7 will see Diane Guerrero's Maritza Ramos return and here's everything we can expect from her

The seventh season of Netflix's popular show 'Orange is The New Black' will see the return of one of the fan-favorite characters — Maritza Ramos

                            'Orange is The New Black' season 7 will see Diane Guerrero's Maritza Ramos return and here's everything we can expect from her

Netflix’s popular prison drama show 'Orange is The New Black' became an instant hit thanks to its diverse cast and integration of various social issues like racism, sexism, and immigrant issues into its narrative. The show returns for its final season on July 26. Season seven will take us further into the lives of our beloved Litchfield Penitentiary inmates, both the ones who are still in prison and our lead Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) who got an early release. Through the course of six seasons, we have seen several prisoners come and go from the prison and one such prisoner is Maritza Ramos (played by Diane Guerrero).

You might remember Maritza Ramos as part of the Spanish Harlem's iconic duo Flaca (played by Jackie Cruz) and Maritza. Maritza and Flaca are BFFs, who are always together and spend copious amounts of time obsessing over their looks. Maritza is shown as an "airhead" who can't think of anything apart from beauty. But she is actually a smart lady, who can be very manipulative and often uses peoples' assumptions of her being dumb in her favor to get what she desires.

The two friends became an internet sensation after their prison makeup tutorials went viral. The season five finale saw the end of the Litchfield prison riot with the inmates rounded up by security guards and a SWAT Team, handcuffed and loaded onto school buses. Though it was unclear where each bus was headed, it was apparent that after the deaths of two security guards, most of these women would be headed to maximum security, at least until those responsible for the deaths could be identified.

Flaca and Maritza ( Jojo Whilden//Netflix)

Despite Flaca and Maritza's best efforts to be on the same bus, a guard separated them and refused to let them board the same vehicle. That was the last we saw of Maritza, while Flaca was sent to Litchfield's maximum security with others. In season six, we hear Flaca mentioning how much she misses her best friend and that she has been sent somewhere far away. Her exact location isn't disclosed.

While Maritza was locked up in a prison in some unknown location in season six, Diane on the other hand, was very much present in the real world advocating strongly for immigration reforms. She authored the book 'Country We Love: My Family Divided', a memoir about her parents being detained and deported when she was 14.

Diane recently took to Twitter to announce that she will be back in season seven. We wonder if Maritza will pick off from where she left? Will she still be the same smart girl, who tries to play dumb to get her way? Also, will she remain in prison for long or get an early release too? To know what happened to Maritza during her time away and what we can expect from her return to Litchfield, make sure you watch 'Orange is The New Black', premiering on July 26 on Netflix.

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