This viral optical Illusion can tell whether your brain is male or female

How you see the image can reveal a lot about your personality, apparently

                            This viral optical Illusion can tell whether your brain is male or female
An optical illusion of a sprinter goes viral as it is said to decipher the human brain (Photo: Twitter)

A captivating optical illusion image of a running man is going viral as it claims to be able to decipher what kind of thought process people have. Moreover, what people see first is said to indicate whether their brain is female or male. The simple viral image depicts a dark figure sprinting and the real question is: is he running towards you or away? 

Our brains decipher ambiguous images in different ways since they have complex methods for receiving and processing information. In this case, different people look at the image differently, and apparently, that can tell you a lot about someone’s personality.


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The optical illusion of a man sprinting. (Photo: Twitter)



Do you see the runner coming towards you?

If yes, it indicates that you have a more male brain, according to Fact Factories. Apparently, you use your spot-on analytical abilities to solve problems and overcome life's hardest barriers. When you're curious about something, you learn rapidly. That's when you devote all of your attention to it until you come up with a strategy for dealing with it. However, balancing multiple tasks at once is not your strong suit; you like to focus on one thing at a time. When you have an idea or a strong opinion about anything, you are ready to back it up with convincing arguments. 

(Representational Image) If you see the runner approaching you, then it means you have a male brain. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)


Did you see the runner going away from you?

This means you have a female brain, according to claims. This indicates that your analytical and reasoning abilities are at their peak. When making a decision, you rely on your senses and intellect, and you don't rush. Your brain functions best when you're immersed in something creative or developing something from scratch. You're an excellent multitasker with a fantastic memory. Your intuition and great senses are two things you can always rely on.

Scientists have been researching the differences between male and female brains for decades (Photo by Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images)


Is it a myth or the truth?

For decades, scientists have researched the differences between men's and women's brains in order to dispel gender stereotypes. In 2009, established neuroscientist Daphna Joel launched a course at Tel Aviv University dedicated to the topic. Her innovative research challenged stereotypes such as men being more competitive and women being better communicators. However, the issue is far from settled, with some scientists claiming that categorizing regions of the brain into feminine and masculine is pointless.


Many people took to Twitter to share their opinion about the test. One user wrote, “I have a male brain according to this test, but I am very feminine. I love makeup, fashion & jewelry. Must be a gay male brain. 🌈” Another person said, “Apparently I have a female brain. Now all I have to do is start buying dresses and learn to use makeup...  😳” while another wrote, “What if you can flip them back and forth without really trying? What if you saw a hyperbolic glowing portal leading to almost certain death, and you started waving your hands telling the guy this way's just as bad? 🤨” What are your thoughts? 




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