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Oprah comforts Ahmaud Arbery's mom in surprise phone call on what would've been his 26th birthday

The host had personally reached out to Wanda Cooper-Jones on Friday, May 8, and offered condolences
UPDATED MAY 12, 2020
Ahmaud Arbery (GoFundMe) and Oprah Winfrey (Getty Images)
Ahmaud Arbery (GoFundMe) and Oprah Winfrey (Getty Images)

Oprah Winfrey reached out to the mother of slain jogger Ahmaud Arbery who was shot dead in cold blood on February 23, 2020.

She called Arbery's mother to pay tribute to the young man on what would have been his 26th birthday. Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones spoke to TMZ and revealed that Oprah had personally reached out to her on Friday, May 8, and offered her condolences. 

She also wished Arbery a happy birthday. Wanda shared that she was left in shock and disbelief when she answered the phone to find Oprah on the other line. She has no idea how Oprah had even managed to get her contact details. Oprah told Wanda that she was remembering and thinking of Arbery's family on what would have been his birthday. She also told the grieving mother that she hopes that the family gets justice but did not detail out what that should be. 

The talk show host also told Wanda that she was happy that those responsible for killing Arbery, Gregory and Travis McMichael, had been arrested. Wanda added that Oprah also shared that she was sending something to her by mail but did not reveal what the mystery package contains. 

Oprah Winfrey reached out to the mother of Ahmad Arbery who was shot while jogging in February (Getty Images) 

In order to show her support, Oprah also joined in on a walk to honor Arbery who was shot and killed while he was out on a jog. Oprah was seen out with her partner Stedman Graham and two others on 2.26 miles run to honor Arbery's 26th birthday. 

She had captioned the video on her Instagram, "Today would’ve been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday. But he’s not here to celebrate because he was senselessly shot and killed doing something to make his life healthier and stronger."

"He went out for a jog while being Black. I wonder what was he thinking in those last seconds of his life? Unimaginable to go for a run in 2020 and end up dead because of the color of your skin," she added. She also used the hashtag #IRunWithMaud.  "But they were only arrested because WE saw the video. Today people everywhere walked 2.23 miles in the name of Ahmaud and justice. We did 2.26 in honor of his 26th birthday 🙏🏽 #IRunWithMaud," the caption read. 

We had earlier reported that celebrities like Jay Z and Meek Mill, and others at Roc Nation are demanding justice over the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Jay Z along with several others including Alicia Keys and Yo Gotti have signed an open letter. 

The letter has been addressed to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Georgia AG Christopher Darr, and District Attorney Tom Durden, TMZ reports. They want the two killers Gregory and Travis McMichael to be treated fairly but swiftly so that they can be charged with felony convictions.
 The letter states, "By now, we’ve all seen the crime’s disturbing video, so the facts here are not in doubt: He was unarmed and innocent and the victim of a hate crime. Which is why we call upon you today, as official leaders of the Great State of Georgia, and with the entire world watching, to ensure that a fair trial is conducted, as that can only lead to the appropriate felony convictions of both McMichaels. We also implore you to charge William Bryan as an armed accomplice to the crime," the letter reads. 

Bryan had been the one who had captured the entire shooting on camera. Arbery was shot dead on February 23 when he was running through a neighborhood near Brunswick in Georgia.