Is Oprah Winfrey an opportunist? Internet asks why her logo is on 26 billboards of Breonna Taylor in Louisville

Winfrey's latest campaign that aims at honoring Taylor and her story has received backlash online, with social media users calling it a 'publicity statement'

                            Is Oprah Winfrey an opportunist? Internet asks why her logo is on 26 billboards of Breonna Taylor in Louisville
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Billionaire and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey and her magazine team are amplifying Breonna Taylor’s story by featuring her on around 26 billboards in Louisville. According to WLKY, last week, for the first time, Winfrey had dedicated the cover of her magazine -- O, The Oprah Magazine -- to Taylor. Now this cover is being featured in the form of billboards big and small, across the city. As per the report, that's one for every year of her life. Each billboard will feature the cover image with a call to action that reads: “Demand that the police involved in killing Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged. Visit”

Until Freedom is a national social justice organization that recently announced it would be moving its entire team to Louisville. It also organized a rally outside the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's home that resulted in more than 80 arrests. According to WLKY, the billboards will go up soon and a majority will be up by Monday, August 10, which is when the O Magazine team will officially share the news about its campaign.

However, Twitter isn’t impressed with this campaign, as many users saw this as an opportunistic behavior from Winfrey. As we recently reported, Winfrey’s comments about White privilege didn’t go down well with the Internet either and they slammed and questioned her about how did she make $2.6 billion if the country was so racist. This time too, the Internet is criticizing her for the campaign. One wrote: "She could have done a lot to improve the lives of black Americans. Instead, she's only ever done things to incite praise for herself. What does this really accomplish? Nothing. She's no different from Trump."



Another said, "I see those billboards Oprah put up in Louisville. Flabby b***h is such an opportunist."


A user opined, "Tacky.this is a publicity statement for Oprah. She doesn't really care. There's no reason why Oprah needed to put her company logo on the billboard unless she was using this as a form of marketing her brand. All you have to do to manipulate the black community is stroke their ego."


Another user questioned if this was done to show 'heroism'. "A nice idea but why did she feel it necessary to put her logo on there? Is she trying to get justice or just looking for praises for get “heroism”?"


One pointed out, "And of course they have to say Oprah on them. It’s always all about Oprah."


Another said, "Only wish they’d put the cops names on the billboard. They get to live in anonymity."


However, a few did stand up for Winfrey and said she can use her money wherever she wants. A supporter said, "Now, that's a good use of her money. Well done."


Another said, "Make it big. And make it loud and make it visible. Send that message home to those that need to hear it until something is done."



On August 4, as per Courier-Journal, co-founder of Until Freedom Angelo Pinto said that the group's first event upon its return to Louisville will be a rally on Saturday marking the six-year anniversary since Michael Brown, a Black teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The rally, which will be called "From Michael Brown to Breonna Taylor," is expected to take place near downtown.

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