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'He wanted me to be your stepmom': OnlyFans star Astrid Wett takes aim at boxing rival's 'creep' dad

Astrid Wett and TikToker Keeley Colbran had a heated exchange at a press conference ahead of their boxing face-off on October 15
Astrid Wett had a spat with Keeley Colbran about the latter's father, Simple Simon (@wettastrid, @keeley.x.x/Instagram)
Astrid Wett had a spat with Keeley Colbran about the latter's father, Simple Simon (@wettastrid, @keeley.x.x/Instagram)

SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE: OnlyFans star Astrid Wett and TikTok star Keeley Colbran are set for a boxing face-off on Saturday, October 15, during the MF & DAZN: X SERIES 002 event at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield. Ahead of the clash, they held a press conference where the two pugilists had a heated argument with each other. Astrid Wett didn't hold back as she claimed Keeley's 'creep' dad wanted Astrid to be her stepmother.

As per a report by Daily Star, when asked if the fight she requested was personal, Keeley replied that it was indeed "a little bit more personal." Apparently, Astrid had been calling Keeley's dad a 'creep' as, she claims, he was seeking a relationship with her. During their presser exchange, Astrid told Keeley, "I couldn't give a s*** about your dad. Do you know he wanted me to be your stepmom at one point, so I'd shut your mouth."


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Astrid Wett, an OnlyFans and Pornhub star, was asked for a face-off by Keeley Colbran, daughter of the popular TikToker Simple Simon, through a video. Astrid and Keeley had been close to each other until, as per Keeley's claims, Astrid began calling her dad a creep in 'nearly every interview.' In a video released by SecondsOut, Astrid said she did not know why Keeley chose to fight her when she could have gone against others, but since it's a 'dog eats dog' world, she would not go easy on her opponent.


Keeley and Astrid's previous closeness was, however, not exactly on display at the press conference held on Thursday, October 13. Due to their relationship, the reporters asked Keeley if the fight was personal. According to Daily Star, she replied, "I suppose it is a little bit more personal yeah... I wanted to have some motivation to get back fit again like I used to and do something different." Keeley added, "But it definitely is personal after she chatted s**t about my dad."

Astrid Wett with Keeley Colbran, Simple Simon and Callum The Dragon (@keeley.x.x/Instagram)

The argument between Astrid and Keeley began when Astrid said, "Keeley asked for a fight for whatever reason she has, I don't really give a s**t about Simple Simon." Keeley responded, "Is that why you call him a creep in nearly every interview? You obviously do care about him." Astrid claimed, "Because he is a creep," to which the other added, "All you do is talk about him and now you say you don't care about him - you clearly do."

This was when Astrid said, as quoted earlier, "I couldn't give a s*** about your dad." Keeley laughed the statement off and muttered, "I can't argue with that."

Astrid Wett and Keeley Colbran had previously had a spat during a live stream, where Astrid claimed that Keeley would not be famous without her, since their collab in Nottingham helped her gain 60,000 followers. Clearly taken aback, Keeley responded, "Even though you're a massive b***h but yeah whatever." Simple Simon commented on the clip asking, "Is she having a laugh."