'One World': Rolling Stones reunite, fans award Best Performance of the Night to Charlie Watts's air drums

Fans are also asking for an official reunion from the legendary band

                            'One World': Rolling Stones reunite, fans award Best Performance of the Night to Charlie Watts's air drums
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts (Getty Images)

The legendary Rolling Stones reunited on Zoom for a performance of their 60s anthem 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' and fans now want an official comeback from them. But it's drummer Charlie Watts that really won over the audience.

"The @RollingStones performance on Zoom was awesome," tweeted one fan, while another said, "THEY WERE SO GOOD You can’t always get what you want... but you can get a Rolling Stones concert in your living room This #OneWorldTogetherAtHome concert is bringing me so much joy."

Another fan said, "Omg that was incredible! I’m loving this concert. So. Much," while one joked, "Risk population On concert! God bless the Rolling Stones #TogetherAtHome".

But as amazing as the performance was, it was Watts and his remarkable air drumming skills that impressed the fans the most. "I think someone should tell Charlie that his drums were stolen. He's so cool!" tweeted one fan, adding "And also, Mick is a hero! What fun!"

Another fan said, "Watching Charlie Watts play air drums during the Rolling Stones performance #OneWorldTogetherAtHome and looking mighty happy to be doing so!! One of the best performances so far!" while one tweeted, "Charlie was living his best life air drumming".

Despite much more of the show to come, viewers have already decided to award Watts with the title of 'best performance'. One fan said, "Charlie Watts and his air drums killed it. Best performance of the night." Others were disappointed they couldn't recreate the skill at home, stating "They were great but I’m banging on my furniture like Charlie Watts was and I can’t get the same sound".

Many fans were left wanting more, however, and soon the requests for a reunion were filling the 'One World' hashtags. "Rolling Stones were great there. Will the four of them ever stand in front of an audience again?" asks one fan, and another queries, "Can the @RollingStones come back, please? #GlobalCitizen".

Other fans began reminiscing about their first time seeing the band live, tweeting "I first saw the Rolling Stones in 1972 at Tarrant County Convention Center. Stevie Wonder was opening act. Who was with me?" and successfully getting all of us nostalgic. Perhaps the Stones will give their fans what they want once the lockdown lifts?

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