'OnePunch-Man' Season 2: 5 things fans can expect from the upcoming season

Following the progress of our empowered hero, here's a list of what we can expect from the upcoming season

                            'OnePunch-Man' Season 2: 5 things fans can expect from the upcoming season

What would you do if you had the power to destroy any enemy with a single punch? Would you use your power for good, or will you take advantage of this infinite power and let it corrupt you? Such was the conundrum our chrome-domed hero faced when he received God-like strength and endurance after completing a self-enforced, 3-year physical training.

In fact, we learn that his training is the very reason his hair fell out in the first place, leaving our hero with the smooth head he's so famously known for. With our protagonist, Saitama, slowly leaving the "I'm a hero just for fun" schtick in season 1 by joining the ranks of the 'Hero Association', we've compiled a small list of what to look forward to in the highly anticipated season 2.


Hilarious side characters:

While OnePunch-Man (OPM) is not in any sense a serious anime like 'Tokyo Ghoul' or 'Attack on Titan', this parody of everything that's wrong with anime, will leave even the most stoned faced critics in stitches. OPM is well known for the sheer number of bizarre characters that are introduced so randomly in the show, it's almost hard to keep track.

With characters like 'Mumen Rider', whose superpower is cycling, and his famous move being 'Justice Crash' (where he crashes his bicycle into the enemy, usually hurting no one other than himself), it's hard to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of their attempts at being heroes. To top it off, most of the dialogues are executed with such deadpan delivery, it's hard not to break a smile, at the least.


With most of these heroes being unranked or C-Class Heroes, we can expect the likes of Horse-Bone, Mohican, Studless and many other nameless but overly flamboyant heroes, to appear in season 2 to tickle our funny bone. ONE (creator of OnePunch-Man and Mob Psycho 100), usually have side characters play a big part in their shows' appeal!

Genos' story arc:

Genos, the 'Demon Cyborg', while being more man than machine, tends to upgrade after almost every fight he loses (which is almost all of them) with the help of Dr. Kuseno, a world-renowned scientist who is responsible for Genos' current form. How far Genos will go to be the strongest hero is worth speculating on.

As mentioned before, Genos tends to upgrade when he feels he lacks the physical capacity to take on opponents, and could the new season stray a bit away from the manga and show a completely robotic Genos instead? The animation when Genos uses his power, is spectacular, and each upgrade shows a more dazzling display than the last. We expect no less from Genos' upcoming fights (he very obviously will have another upgrade).


The Hero Association:

Only being teased of the kind of power that the upper-class heroes have (we're sure it's still nothing compared to Saitama), we may get a glimpse of one of the strongest heroes next to Saitama, that is 'Blast'. Being the highest-ranking member of the 'Hero Association', very little is known about Blast barring his appearance. He ranks alongside 'King' in terms of power according to the association, but as we all know, King only got to his post because of taking credit for a lot of Saitama's heroic duties. There will surely be a big reveal of this hero, with some fans speculating Blast and Saitama are one and the same.


The Monsters Association (Obviously):

In contrast to the 'Hero Association', the 'Monster Association' consists of 500 monsters who are bent upon the destruction of the 'Hero Association', while having 'Monster King Orochi' rule the world (though not all monsters view Orochi as their king). With the development of the monster story arc, we can surely see some demon-level, and fingers crossed, some God-level monsters wreaking havoc on the world! There are rumors about how a few of the grieved monsters may join the Hero Association in defiance of their king, but we'll just have to wait and see.


Saitama Moving up in the ranks:

While Saitama may be the most ordinary-looking hero, his powers are anything but ordinary, and this reinforces the cliche "don't judge a book by its cover". Well, that's exactly what the 'Hero Association' did in season 1, even after Saitama aces all their tests, they give him a 'C-Class', which is one of the lowest ranks available, and then reluctantly moved him up to 'B-Class', which still does not do someone of his caliber justice.

Although Saitama knows he doesn't really need this ranking system, changing from just being "A hero for fun" to a professional hero became his aim after he decided to take the whole superhero thing seriously. If the blast reveal does turn out to be Saitama, then all his efforts would be in vain and this isn't usually ONE's style. But we can expect the 'Hero Association' to bump him up a rank in the least, or 'King' may come clean with his incompetence and start rooting for Saitama.

In some surprisingly wise words from our series' protagonist, “Human beings are strong because we can change ourselves.”

As of now there's no fixed date, but season 2 is set to release in April of this year.