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'Once Upon A Quarantime': Covid-19 forces couples to revise birth plan and hold party on group video call

Couples struggle in the premiere episode of 'Once Upon A Quarantime' as Covid-19 pushes them to alter some of life's major decisions
Shannon, John (Lifetime)
Shannon, John (Lifetime)

The pandemic has caused more damage than we can ever measure. It has taken numerous lives, changed our way of living, added considerable financial pressure, and strained relationships. But the good thing is that everyone is learning to adapt to the new way of life and ready to embrace what the future holds, well almost. Lifetime's new show -- 'Once Upon A Quarantime' -- taps into all the issues couples are having to go through. The focus is on how they are going about their everyday lives while practicing social distancing rules.

New Jersey pair Shannon and John are in a tight spot. They are expecting their first baby, and even though it's a celebratory moment for every parent, they are skeptical about the whole process owing to the Covid-19 crisis. The couple revised their birth plan, went for a water birth instead, much like 'Married At First Sight' alums Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. With the Covid-19 cases spiking every second, it would make sense for more couples to consider home birth as a doable option. Yes, there are risks involved, but with mid-wives and a concrete birthing plan in place, the process could go smoothly.

However, Camillia and Marquis welcomed their third baby at the hospital. It was especially tough for the couple because they have two more kids to look after. And, with schools closed and outdoor activities on hold, it got a little tough. But, as they say: "Teamwork makes the dream work." They invested their time and energy in handling the toddlers at home while prepping for birth. All the balancing they had to do around the house put them on edge, but the couple was able to look past that phase. What could be a better stress reliever than knowing that a new member is arriving with whom they can make memories with?

The new rules that are in place don't allow people in large numbers to gather in public places, which have made planning for weddings extremely challenging. The lockdown has not only confined people to their homes but forced them to put major life decisions on hold. Jennifer and Romain's dreamy castle wedding has been derailed by the pandemic. They applied for a visa for him to return to the US but the offices have been shut down indefinitely making his return difficult. It bothered Jennifer that they weren't able to spend time together but at the same time, she wasn't ready to give up on them. She organized a pre-wedding party, got dressed, and sat for a group video call, which showed that she was determined to be happy no matter what the health crisis brought.

California-based Crystal and Luis easily make for the most fun couple of the show. Crystal constantly recording selfie videos of her poking Luis while he works. Once, she even knocked on the bathroom door asking if he was still pooping. It could get embarrassing at times, but moments like these make for good story-telling sessions later. But their happiness lasted only until the planner called to inform that their wedding had to be postponed. Upset and shattered at first, Crystal was able to pick herself up with the help of Luis, and together they arranged an in-home party attended by just the two of them. The idea was to celebrate togetherness. 

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