On the heels of a hot new single, Raluka opens up about her obsession with music and Queen Bey!

On the heels of a hot new single, Raluka opens up about her obsession with music and Queen Bey!
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For 28-year-old Romanian singer Raluka, her music inspirations are all about feelings. Since making her presence felt in the local music scenes in the mid to late 2000s, the songstress has charted quite a journey for herself; first as a featured collaborator on DJ Sava's tracks and then, later on, progressing to releasing her own chart-topping singles.

The last time she was making waves, her single 'Cine sunt eu' had released (in 2017). While it may have felt like an eternity in between — though she pleasantly surprised fans with a recent appearance on Romanian reality show Asia Express with Ana Banici —  the scarlet-haired beauty is back in action and grabbing eyeballs, with her hit new single 'Undone' releasing just last week.

Accompanied by an equally intense and sensuous video, the latest track, in the very first glimpse, appears to inculcate almost every element that is required for creating a sure shot hit.

In addition, there's summer vibes, a foot-tapping tune, inspiring lyrics and an extremely appealing figure at the front and center of all action - Raluka, herself. 


With her striking looks and hard-to-forget vocals, the songstress has already established herself as a prominent face in the Romanian music circles. And with the release of this latest single, she might as well be looking forward to international recognition, and collaborations with top names in the industry. 

In fact, if Raluka has it her way, her next big music video might even be with Queen Bey herself. This and some other yet-unheard of revelations surfaced as we recently caught up with the songstress in an exclusive chat with Meaww. 

Read the full interview below:

When did you first start performing?

Right from a very young age, I used to perform in front of my parents' house for our neighbors and by the fifth grade, I had started taking part in different competitions and even ended up winning many of them.

However, the career that I have today started in 2008 when I performed my very first concert alongside my former colleague and one of my very dear friends, DJ SAVA. I remember how he came up to me after the show and told me the words I would never forget: “You were great up there, I am very proud of you!"


Who are your biggest influences?

I think DJ SAVA is one of them, he introduced me to this kind of music. On the other hand, internationally, I feel that I am influenced by a variety of artists including the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Usher.. and not just because of their music or by their ambition and the other great thing that they have accomplished... I would say I am most influenced by my feelings.
What kind of music do you like listening to? Can we have a link to a playlist/mixtape that you particularly enjoy? 

I don’t have any playlist as of now but I will be doing one very soon, you'll be able to see it on my social media profiles. It is funny how I can get obsessed with a song and not get tired of it. What I mean is, I can listen to a song for 3-4 days and after that have a new obsession with another song.

I might actually list some of my favorites (if you promise to listen to them): TOTO - While my guitar gently weeps, Ariana Grande - No tears left to cry (this is my current obsession), Beyonce - Flawless, Partition, Crazy in Love (and everything else Beyonce ever sang), Rihanna - What Now, Desperado, Rock Me Out, Diamonds, (there isn’t a single Rihanna song that I don’t like), and finally Janelle Monae - Yoga.


If you had to pick just one artist/band that you would like to collaborate with in the near future, who would it be? 

Wow... I get this question so often and yet I always have to think a lot about it ... hmmm, I think it would be BEYONCÉ! 

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Any new collaborators that you’ve been working with or plan to collaborate with? 

Nothing in plan yet, but who knows, maybe I’ll give Beyonce a call and she will accept it (says with a chuckle).  

What were some of the challenges (or the greatest challenge) that you faced while recording your music?

Learning new styles, techniques. I am always open to experiences, to learning new things. 


Vinyl or digital? What’s your preferred format and why? 

Classics will never die, but at the moment everything is digital, it’s way more accessible. 

What do you think about music streaming? Do you think it’s helpful or harmful, especially for up and coming artists?

Helpful, of course, we are evolving at a very fast pace, All artists, old or new are a click away. Music should be everywhere.

Any plans of touring soon?

Oh, I would love to. I am currently working on my new show and when that is done, you are all invited.

What can we expect next? 

Well, with the help of my lovely team I will surely be creating some beautiful music!


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 On the heels of a hot new single, Raluka opens up about her obsession with music and Queen Bey!