Omarion announces 'Millenium Tour 2020: Face Off' on Lil' Fizz's birthday and fans call it a 'petty' move

Omarion left out Lil Fizz from the tour and fans can't help notice that it's because of his relationship with Omarion's ex-wife Apryl.

                            Omarion announces 'Millenium Tour 2020: Face Off' on Lil' Fizz's birthday and fans call it a 'petty' move

Sweet revenge or just a regular tour announcement? Omarion announced 'Millenium Tour 2020: Face Off' and guess who's not on it? Lil Fizz. To be honest, we saw that coming.

B2K was doing well for themselves and had just rounded off a successful national tour when the band members showed interest in organizing an international one. However, Omarion backed out and that left Ras B and J Boog upset. The two tried reasoning with Fizz, highlighting that his involvement with Apryl was affecting the band. But, he refused to change things between him and Apryl, adding that his relationship with Apryl was Omarion's problem and not his (B2K started to break into pieces when Fizz began dating co-member Omarion's ex-wife Apryl). 

Is there a hidden agenda behind all of this or was it a calculated move on Omarion's part? Guess we'll never know. But, announcing the tour on Fizz's birthday was uncalled for and could've been avoided. It was quite the burn. Anyhow, Omarion was ecstatic to make the announcement. "2020 is my 20th year entertaining. Blood, Sweat & Tears. Always giving you the best that I got. Thank you for growing with me," he tweeted.

Boog was left disappointed and blamed 'fizzle pop' for ruining things for everyone. However, he did go on to congratulate Omarion and the rest of the tour members on social media.



Meanwhile, fans are calling the move petty and messy. "Hours later #Omarion is still trending for this. He DID say he got an icebox where..... nvm #OmarionDay #Omarionmeditation,'' expressed a fan, while the another wrote: "The fact that @Omarion booted the rest of b2k from the tour on @Airfizzo birthday 😩 I’m weakkkk if he add @KalisWorld then he’ll truly be the petty king 🤴🏾 #milleniumtour2020 #B2K #fizzlepop."

The 'Millenium Tour 2020: Face Off' also features Soulja Boy, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Ying Yang Twins, and Sammie among others. More details expected to be out on December 2.

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