Olly Murs gets flirty with mystery brunette while partying in Ibiza

In a couple of videos, Olly Murs is seen dancing with a mysterious brunette while attending a stag party with his pals in Ibiza.

                            Olly Murs gets flirty with mystery brunette while partying in Ibiza
Olly Murs (Source:Getty Images)

Singer-songwriter Olly Murs has repeatedly claimed that he has been "heartbroken" ever since his break-up with Francesca Thomas, his girlfriend for three years, but the 34-year-old singer seems to have moved on as he was spotted flirtatiously dancing with a mystery brunette while on a holiday in Ibiza during the weekend. In a video, the singer is seen dancing in a carefree manner while (possibly) trying to woo the unknown woman. Murs had earlier confessed that he was enjoying a fling with English television and radio presenter, Mel Sykes. 

According to The Sun, who has uploaded a video footage of the pop star being cozy during a friend's stag do with a brunette, Murs has probably even given up on online dating, something he was exploring since his split from Sykes. Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and footballer Dele Alli have also been open about using the app to find love. 

As for the mystery brunette, a source was quoted as saying, "As soon as Olly touched down in Ibiza he was straight on the pull. He’s made no secret of how tired he’s got of all the online ­dating recently, so really made sure to get his graft on in person while he was on the lads trip... He was really flirty with a lot of girls but did manage to woo one pretty brunette while he was having a drink in the Ocean Beach club. He looked really cozy with the mystery lady. They were really tactile and he even had her sat on his lap at one point... Olly was obviously getting some practice in after telling everyone his new ethos of finding love in the real world."

Murs had apparently logged in to Raya sometime last year after his breakup with Sykes and also slid into 'Love Island's' Amber Davies' DMs after they met in a restaurant named Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex, last year. The singer who was put off by the app soon enough, reportedly said, "Now that I am single it’s very difficult. So you go on these apps thinking this will work but then actually it’s quite ­horrible what you’re doing — ‘No, don’t like you, don’t like you, oh she’s all right’. I just don’t get it. I was on the app and then I went off it.” He was recently spotted on a date with a different woman at the London Dorchester Hotel. 

According to Daily Mail, the flirty dance took place after Olly had admitted that breaking-up with Francesca Thomas was a 'mistake'. The article quotes him confessing, "It was one of those ones where you break up with someone and you don't really realize for about a year after that, actually, you've made a big mistake...I think I broke my own heart by letting my ex-girlfriend go. But that's my own fault. That's probably the last time my heart was broken." The 'Troublemaker' singer's three-year romance with his property manager came to an end in 2015, and ever since she has been, reportedly, engaged to her boyfriend Ollie Rogers.