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Olivia Wilde compares directing films to coming out of closet, slammed for 'invalidating LGBTQ community'

'Comparing a change in jobs to coming out of the closet, how insensitive could you be,' said a user
Olivia Wilde is rumored to play Spider-Woman (Getty Images)
Olivia Wilde is rumored to play Spider-Woman (Getty Images)

Sony Pictures is not only expanding its Marvel Universe slate, but also focusing on the female characters at the core of it, and seems to have landed one of Hollywood's most sought-after female directors. However, people did not take it well when in a recent interview, the actress, Olivia Wilde compared directing the film to coming out of the closet.

Wilde signed a contract to direct and produce a secret Marvel film project centered on a female character in the MCU. Although it hasn't been verified, Spider-Woman is expected to play a central role in the film. Here's what you need to know about the latest buzz.


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Olivia Wilde (Getty Images)

The project has been a top priority for Wilde since the beginning of the year, and she was on the verge of declining it because her dance card was rapidly filling up. At the end of the day, the prospect of launching her own female superhero was too appealing to pass up, and she finally committed completely to the project.

In the 'Off Camera' interview with Sam Jones that is creating the controversy surrounding Wilde, the actress said: "I almost feel like someone who’s come out of the closet. There’s this feeling of honesty about what I really want to do, and it's a level of comfort that comes from being true to yourself that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

'Hardest and most traumatic'

"Olivia Wilde compared going from acting to directing to coming out of the closet and implied that coming out is an easy and uplifting experience when it is the hardest and most traumatic thing many who are closeted will ever do in their entire lives," said one. "It's simply funny that Olivia Wilde feels like directing is like coming out of the closet, miss girl do you have something else to share with the class?" a second added. "Olivia wilde compared coming out to transitioning from acting to directing and said some other gross shit :/" a third chimed in. Another said, "Olivia Wilde. I am beyond disgusted. These hurtful words actually came out of your mouth. How dare you invalidate the LGBTQIA+ community like that. Comparing a change in jobs to coming out of the closet, how insensitive could you be?"





'Struggling to see the homophobia'

"Loving the #OliviaWilde ridiculousness, right now. People bitching 'cause they think she's saying pursuing directing is as difficult as coming out as lesbian, gay, etc. What's she's REALLY saying is that she feels she's now being true to herself by pursuing this path. smdh lol", opined another. "I am not an Olivia Wilde fan and honestly couldn’t pick her out of a lineup, but I’m shocked at how much hate she’s getting because she said becoming a directing felt like coming out? It’s hardly a great analogy but I’m struggling to see the homophobia," a Twitter user added.