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Oklahoma teen high on drugs grabs infant in baby carrier and slams him to the ground

Dusti Counts is thanking her lucky stars that the baby carrier protected her infant son and he escaped with minimal injuries.
UPDATED JUN 13, 2019

Warning: Distressing content

An Oklahoma mother was left traumatized after a teenager grabbed her toddler who was strapped into a car seat and proceeded to slam him to the ground.

According to KMOV, the disturbing incident took place when the mother Dusti Counts was loading her groceries into her car at a parking lot outside the Crest Foods at 2200 W. 15th Street in Edmond at around 7.40 pm on May 24. The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera overlooking the area.

In the video, as Counts continues going about her task, a teenage boy can be seen walking up to her vehicle, picking up her baby carrier with her one-year-old son Jenzen inside, and slamming it to the ground.

After slamming Jenzen on to the ground, police said that the teen, who was revealed to be 17 years of age, jumped on a nearby car, proceeded to expose himself, started flipping off customers, and almost bent a sign to the ground. He then began stripping his clothes and running through a neighborhood demanding weapons from residents.

He was found lying on a driveway and was subsequently arrested by deputies from the Edmond Police Department (EPD) but not without a fight. Deputies said he told them to "shoot him," and at one point, requested a knife so he could "do it himself". He also kicked an officer during the altercation.

After he was restrained, the teen was found to have dilated and bloodshot eyes and was treated by paramedics at the scene. He reportedly apologized later for lashing out and admitted to smoking marijuana that was laced with another drug, which investigators suspect was either PCP or acid.

They now want to get to the bottom of the mystery and have asked the public for their help to track down whoever has been dealing the laced drugs on the streets of the city. "We're starting to see what we would call an increase and we're extremely concerned by that," said Jenny Wagnon with the EPD.

Luckily for Counts, the carrier protected the toddler and he only suffered a bruise. "He was screaming," she recalled. "Naturally, I got him out of the car seat as fast as I could to make sure, like, if he had bumps or bruises or was bleeding." The one-year-old suffered abrasions to the neck and head from the attack but is now recovering and doing well.

The teen, whose identity has not been revealed, is facing charges of aggravated assault and battery, assault on a police officer, indecent exposure, public intoxication, and malicious injury or destruction of property in connection to the incident. Anyone with further information regarding the incident can contact detectives with the EPD at 405-359-4406.

You can watch the disturbing video of the incident below.