Oklahoma couple injected childhood friend with meth and recorded her death where she asked for 'help' multiple times

The couple waited an hour before calling cops after Vermillion's death.

                            Oklahoma couple injected childhood friend with meth and recorded her death where she asked for 'help' multiple times
(Source : Police Department)

EUCHA, OKLAHOMA: A couple was accused of injecting their childhood friend with meth and they recorded her death. 

According to KOAM News, Brian and Allie Anderson, of Eucha, were charged with first-degree murder of 41-year-old Melissa Vermillion, who died in October 2017. The reason the duo were charged after two years of the victim's death was because of a confidential informant has come forward with new information. 

Vermillion, who had been Allie’s longtime friend, was staying at the couple's home was injected with a large amount of meth before her death. Brian Anderson knew that the victim had a bad heart and was told not to do meth by her doctor, or it would be fatal to her health. The couple waited an hour before calling the cops after Vermillion's death.

While searching the couple's home as part of their investigation, police found a video recording of the victim's death. “We recovered a video camera that was used, and [it] actually was used in the videotaping of this lady’s death,” Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore told News9.

In the video, Vermillion could be seen laying on a bed asking for "help" multiple times, according to court documents. Vermillion was even heard asking Anderson to call her mom, which she did. The victim's mother then told Anderson to call 911, which she only did after a considerable time had lapsed following Vermillion's death. 

According to the authorities, the video did not actually show the suspects accused of Vermillion's death. “All it showed was the victim,” Moore told the outlet. “Didn’t show anything else … We needed a little bit more.”

When Anderson was questioned by the police, she said she had forgotten that she made the video after denying knowing anything about it. She admitted that earlier on the day of the incident she had smoked marijuana with the victim but did not admit to giving her meth. 

"Vermillion was given the injection, and killed by Brian, and Allie Anderson with the intent to prevent her from possibly testifying against them" in a drug trafficking case, according to detectives.

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