Who is Adam Coy? Ohio police officer fired after shooting unarmed Black man Andre Hill dead in bodycam footage

Who is Adam Coy? Ohio police officer fired after shooting unarmed Black man Andre Hill dead in bodycam footage
Adam Coy and Andre Hill (Archives, Bodycam Image)

COLUMBUS, OHIO: A White police officer from Ohio was fired on Monday, December 28, after bodycam footage showed him fatally shooting a 47-year-old Black man who was holding a cellphone and failing to administer first aid for several minutes.

According to a statement by Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr, Columbus police officer Adam Coy was fired hours after a hearing was held to determine his employment. “The actions of Adam Coy do not live up to the oath of a Columbus Police officer, or the standards we, and the community, demand of our officers,” the statement read. “The shooting of Andre Hill is a tragedy for all who loved him in addition to the community and our Division of Police.”

The verdict came after Pettus concluded a hearing to determine whether the actions taken by Coy in the moments before and after the fatal shooting of Hill on Tuesday, December 22, were justified. Pettus confirmed the recommendation of Police Chief Thomas Quinlan, who made a video statement on Christmas Eve, saying he had seen enough to recommend Coy be terminated.

“This is what accountability looks like. The evidence provided solid rationale for termination,” Quinlan said after Coy’s termination on Monday, December 28, afternoon. “Mr Coy will now have to answer to the state investigators for the death of Andre Hill.”

“Officer Coy was given the opportunity today to come and participate,” Brian Steel, vice president of the police union, told reporters on Monday. “He elected not to participate. I do not know why … I would have liked to have him here, but it’s his decision.”

The 44-year-old Coy worked in the department for 19 years. On Tuesday, December 22, two officers, including Coy responded to a non-emergency disturbance call from 1000 block of Oberlin Drive, about a parked SUV that had been running on and off for a period of time. Coy and a female officer, who has not yet been identified, arrived at the location at 1:50 am.

About 10 seconds after encountering Hill, who was inside a garage and an expected guest at that home, Coy fired his service weapon multiple times at him. Neither Coy nor the other officer switched their body cameras on until after the shooting. Because of the camera's "look-back" feature, which recorded the 60 seconds before they are turned on, the shooting itself was captured on video, with no audio.

In the video, both officers can be seen walking up the driveway to the open garage door at the home. Hill then walks towards the officers with his cellphone up in his left hand. Coy then fires at Hill and approaches him. The audio now on, Coy tells Hill to roll over, saying he can't see his right hand. Coy then asks if a medic is coming.

According to the video, aid was rendered after at least six minutes. Coy does not provide any initial aid and in the intervening minutes, crime scene tape is placed around the scene and more officers arrive. Coy is now relieved from his duty, has surrendered his gun and badge and was stripped of all police powers.

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