Offset backs Kim Kardashian for President and an ex-judge agrees, what do you think?

Offset believes that Kim Kardashian will make a good president because she champions black people and is impassioned about prison reform

                            Offset backs Kim Kardashian for President and an ex-judge agrees, what do you think?
Kim Kardashian West (Source : Getty Images)

Celebrities are endorsing a new name for the first female president in US history and it is not Hillary Clinton.

Offset told TMZ that he wants to see Kim Kardashian take over the White House. The rapper said that Kim would get his vote based purely on her impassioned work on prison reform, something he takes very personally.

Offset's been in jail in Georgia multiple times for weapons charges and weed possession, so, he's 100% behind Kim's fight to free prisoners, especially because she's helping black people. We will have to wait and see if Kim and Kanye will be taking over the 2020 presidential elections. 

Offset isn't the only one thinking that Kim Kardashian West is here to make a change. A well-known ex-judge Kevin Sharp informed the same site that Kim Kardashian has a powerful pull over President Trump's administration, and she's using it for good.

The former Tennessee judge met Kim, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and, eventually, President Donald Trump on Wednesday in the White House. He added that "haters are way off base if they think Kim's only there as window dressing."

Continuing his praise for the Kardashian sister, Sharp said that when they had further discussions about criminal justice reform, Kim was not only smart and very involved about it but she's the right person to seal the deal.

He even pointed out that Kim's success with Alice Johnson proves she's incredibly effective in a process that would normally take months, because of the public attention she can bring.

Kim's latest mission is to get clemency for Chris Young and this is personal for Sharp. He's the judge who resigned after Tennessee laws forced him to give Young a life sentence for drug possession. He's happy that Kim is championing the case and the reform and he is on Kim's team.

Who else thinks Kim should be the next president?