‘Obsession: Escaping My Ex’: Release date, plot and all you need to know about 2nd installment of Lifetime’s ‘Thrillogy’ series

‘Obsession: Escaping My Ex’: Release date, plot and all you need to know about 2nd installment of Lifetime’s ‘Thrillogy’ series

Lifetime’s ‘Thrillogy’ movie series follows the story of Madison and her rather disturbing relationship with Blake gets only interesting and it progresses from the first installment to the second, ‘Obsession: Escaping My Ex’.The sequel portrays an abducted Madison’s struggles as she tries to escape her insane former boyfriend. Read about the first and third installments here.


Release date 

‘Obsession: Escaping My Ex’ will premiere on July 11 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime. 


The official synopsis for ‘Obsession: Escaping My Ex’ reads, “When Blake Collins manages to escape a prison van in Detroit, his only goal is to make it back to Philadelphia and find Madison, the woman he loves but betrayed, resulting in his capture by the cops. He sets his nefarious plan into action, kidnapping Madison who will fight to the death to escape his clutches.”



Travis Nelson
Travis Nelson will play Blake Collins in Lifetime’s ‘Obsession’ movie series. The Canadian actor is famous for his works in 'Tucker and Dale vs Evil', 'Dark Hearts' and 'Haunting Melissa'. 

Anastasia Phillips 
Anastasia Phillips is a Canadian actress who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. She’s acted in films such as ‘Ghostland’, ‘Tammy's Always Dying’, ‘Don't Talk to Irene’, and ‘Nonsense Revolution’. Her television credits include, ‘Reign’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The Mentalist’, Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy’, ‘Lucky 7’, ‘Murdoch Mysteries’, ‘Blue Mountain State’, and ‘The Dating Guy’. 

Kelly Hope Taylor 
Kelly Hope Taylor is an actor, voice artiste and writer, whose credits include Netflix’s critically-acclaimed film ‘Good Sam’. She had recurring roles in many television series on Showcase, UPN and CTV. She plays the supporting lead in Lifetime's trilogy. 

Celeste Desjardins
Celeste Desjardins is a Canadian actor best known for appearing in the pilot for 'The Bold Type'. She has also acted in 2017’s action-thriller series 'Taken', which also stars Bryan Mills and Christina Hart. Desjardins was seen as Claire Broman in another series, 'Lost & Found'. 



Alexandre Carriere has directed the script for 'Obsession: Escaping My Ex’ written by Melissa Cassera. 


The official trailer for 'Obsession: Escaping My Ex’ is yet to be released by Lifetime. 

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