Barack Obama surprises teen interns by crashing Youth Jobs Corps meeting: 'How is everybody doing?'

Barack Obama surprises teen interns by crashing Youth Jobs Corps meeting: 'How is everybody doing?'

Former President Barack Obama pleasantly surprised a group of teen interns when he made a guest appearance at their meeting on Tuesday in Chicago. All the teenagers were Obama Youth Jobs Corps interns with the Urban Alliance, and were dumbstruck for a brief while as they gasped when Obama walked in and began shaking their hands.

"It's good to see you guys, how is everybody doing?" Obama said while greeting the group. "This is the summer before you go out into the world and do all sorts of amazing things. That is exciting."

As he sat with the students at the table, one of them explained to him why she is interning at Urban Alliance, which is responsible for building the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

Obama surprising high-school graduate interns during their meeting. (Twitter)


Obama thanked her and said: "As you guys know, part of the goal of this program is to expose you to what's possible, also to make sure you recognize that even as you succeed, the communities from which you come are going to need you to be active and engaged and focused."


While another student stated that she is interning with the foundation because it has helped her and other minority students get an opportunity to attain their goals.

"A lot of minority students or the people who look like the people in this room are always two steps behind in life," the high school graduate said. "And with this opportunity, we all feel like we have an even playing field and I really wanted to like thank you."

Students react after former President Barack Obama joins their meeting. (Twitter)


One student, in a clip shared to the Obama Foundation, stated that she was trying her "hardest not to cry."

The Obama Youth Jobs Corps was formulated by the Urbal Alliance, in partnership with the Obama Foundation, in an attempt to increase economic opportunity for high school students in underserved communities in Chicago.


"Through workforce readiness training and early, meaningful work experience at businesses throughout the city, OYJC will give students the skills, experience, and exposure needed to succeed," the foundation's website states. 

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 Obama surprises teen interns by crashing in Youth Jobs Corps meeting