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Obama subtly slams Trump in 'tipping point' comment and lauds young protesters, Internet says 'miss you'

Obama, in a bold statement, lauded anti-racism protesters in his video message
UPDATED OCT 21, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama has slammed President Donald Trump in the "tipping point" election and supported the "inspiring" young people "marching in the streets." Obama made the statement in yet another video released just a day before he is set to join the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign trail.

Obama, in a bold statement, lauded protesters in the Twitter caption of his video, writing: "One of the most inspiring things about this year has been seeing so many young people organizing, marching, and fighting for change." The former president then talked about who he believes the American voters should vote for in 2020 presidential election. "And to change the game on any of the issues we care about, we've got to vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris," the caption concluded. 

The Democratic leader, in the new video, directly addressed the younger generation, saying: "Your generation can be the one that creates a new normal in America. One that's fairer, where the system treats everybody equally and gives everybody opportunity. We can come out of this moment stronger than before." Obama also told the voters that some people may attempt to persuade them to not to vote, calling it an old tactic in comparison to the "new growing movement for justice."


He also directly endorsed Biden in his statement, saying: "This is really a tipping point and the momentum only continues if we win the election. And to change the game on any of the issues we care about, Joe Biden needs your vote. I know Joe better than almost anybody. I trust him to be a great president. He's different. He's on the right side of the issues. He'll get the job done. And Joe and Kamala will want you to keep pushing them to get the job done."

Obama's video statement elicited a positive response from social media users as many reminisced of the times when US presidents "spoke coherently" and were respected internationally. One person wrote: "I miss presidents who speak coherently during debates, and don't necessitate the introduction of muting so that the other person can finish a sentence. Miss Presidents who don't call world respected scientists 'idiots', and don't sacrifice 220,000 lives for stock market results." While another wrote: "I miss presidents who were respected internationally, didn’t call heroes ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ and didn’t downplay a deadly virus to win. I miss decent, intelligent, and patriotic ones unlike Putin’s b****, Cadet Bone Spurs. I miss the days when scandal of the day was a tan suit."



A third added: "I vote already and can not wait. I wish the election is today, for this craziness to be over. We all need to vote early. President Obama we all miss you. God continue to bless you and your family." Another wrote: "Thank you, President Obama. I'm crying. You give me so much hope. I voted for Biden and Harris last week. I promise you I will continue to fight for justice and for a better future long after we have voted Trump up."



The former president, on Wednesday, October 21, is scheduled to make his first in-person campaign appearance to boost Biden's presidency in Philadelphia. He will reportedly make a personal appearance to voters at the rally.

Obama's former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told CBS affiliate: "He knows what motivates Joe, what inspires him, why he’s running for office, to bring our country together, to make sure we build back better than we were before, and I don't think there’s anybody in a better position to view his point and to speak on behalf of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than President Obama."