Athletics vs Angels: Dylan Bundy sizzles in Los Angeles' 6-0 win, dubbed 'best pitcher' in baseball right now

'Dylan Bundy cannot be contained,' read one of the tweets after the Angels' resounding victory against Oakland Athletics

                            Athletics vs Angels: Dylan Bundy sizzles in Los Angeles' 6-0 win, dubbed 'best pitcher' in baseball right now
Dylan Bundy (Getty Images)

6-0 chaps, 6-0. The Los Angeles Angels had Mike Trout to thank for their last win and now they got Dylan Bundy to support the homers and they blasted to extend their series win against the Oakland Athletics on August 11. Bundy broke a slew of records as he pitched his way to winning for the Angels. For a start, he has allowed just one run and struck out 24 batters over his last 19 innings. He's pitched to a 100 batters this season striking out 33 of them, walked three and allowed 15 hits. His ERA's 1.69

This was a performance nobody saw coming and of the 4 H, 1 BB, 10 K. 103 pitches was something even the Athletics fans lauded. Twitter town had enough to celebrate. "It is August 2020 and Dylan Bundy is the best pitcher in baseball," one of the comments read. 



And quite obviously, the question of who's the best was asked and there was an answer: "Who is the best pitcher in all of baseball right now? If you guessed deGrom, Cole, Strasburg, Bauer, or Bieber you are wrong. It's our own #Angels Dylan Bundy!"



Sometimes the best cannot be contained. And definitely not on their day. "Dylan Bundy cannot be contained," read one of the tweets.



Bundy was always known for his ability to step up in big games and it was imperative the Angels maintained their winning streak. "By the way is everyone watching Dylan Bundy? Been screaming about this dude for years and he’s now pitching like an ace," tweeted a fan.



The best tweet of the day possibly had to come from Fabian Ardaya: "The reinvention of Dylan Bundy might be the most positive storyline of the Angels’ season thus far. Has been brilliant today, allowing on run through six on 75 pitches (and missing a ton of bats)."



A few fans felt this was as clinical Bundy could get. Here's one that sums up the feelings of the majority of fans: "You can’t spell “Ace” without “Dylan Bundy”. Shut up. I said what I said."



The Angels and Athletics face each other on Wednesday, August 19, next. 

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