'Ozark' Season 3: Fans think the Darlene-Wyatt sex scene was 'gross and nasty', ask for headless bodies instead

The awkward and strange sex scene between Darlene and Wyatt seems to have botched up the minds of many fans

                            'Ozark' Season 3: Fans think the Darlene-Wyatt sex scene was 'gross and nasty', ask for headless bodies instead
Wyatt Langmore and Darlene Snell (Netflix)

In the uncertain and dark world of 'Ozark', relationship dynamics can change in a split second. One such twist seems to have changed the entire ball game. Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) was playing the mother for baby Zeke when Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) entered her life.

Titled 'It Came From Michoacán', Episode 5 takes a big turn when Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) takes Darlene to the court. Right at that moment, Wyatt comes to the former's rescue and testifies for her stating how good a parent she has been to Zeke. And how does Darlene thank Wyatt for his deed? By embracing him with a kiss that ends up in them having sex. As shocking as it comes across, it is yet to be seen what are her real intentions with Wyatt are.

Moreover, the awkward and strange sex scene seems to have botched up the minds of many fans. "Literally who the F**K asked for a Darlene and Wyatt sex scene??? WHAT THE F**K AM I WATCHING," one wrote and another said, "How much they had to pay Wyatt to make out and fake f**k Darlene?" One fan even went on to say, "Darlene and Wyatt? I looked away it was gruesome. Give me more headless bodies from the Navarro war, less Dyatt/Warlene? sex scenes."

Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell (Netflix)

"My quarantine life would’ve been so much better without seeing that scene with Wyatt and Darlene," one fan said and another posted, "This budding Wyatt X Darlene relationship makes me slightly uncomfortable but very curious." Moreover, another said, "Darlene is washing Wyatt's hair? OK I know where this is going and what #Ozark #Ozark3."

From calling it "gross" to "disgusting" and "nasty", fans are literally ripping it apart. "Watching Darlene and Wyatt make love was the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen," one said and another posted, "Wyatt and Darlene I didn’t want to see that disgusting." Another fan wrote, "Darlene and Wyatt. Super gross! Ben and Ruth. Cute!" If that wasn't all, one even said the scene "turned their stomach." "This new relationship with Darlene and Wyatt on #ozark is turning my stomach," the tweet read.

Sharing a funny meme, one said, "When I had to endure Wyatt & Darlene sex scene for 5 whole dreadful minutes," and another posted, "Darlene and Wyatt was weird and awkward at the same time." 

Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore (Netflix)

The entire scene where the pair hook up seems to have been shot in a weird manner. Besides the whopping age gap, the duo is always driven by different motives. It remains to be seen if Wyatt, who has never tried cocaine in his whole life, can deal with Darlene's passion for supplying the best quality drugs. 

One fan posted, "What a ride, couple things after bingeing through Ozark: F**k Wendy, Marty, Ruth, Jonah & daughter the only good ones. who at @netflix thought that Wyatt/Darlene scene was necessary?? what was the point of Tommy from power? he was punk’d the entire season. F**k wendy. #Ozark," and another said, "I really could’ve done without this Darlene/Wyatt storyline.

Surprisingly, they seemed to have stuck together with each other throughout the season. As the new season rolls out on Netflix, fans may have to endure more sex scenes and the weird relationship between Darlene and Wyatt for a tad bit longer.

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