NYC horror: Dismembered body found stuffed in suitcases in apartment after neighbors report foul odor

NYC horror: Dismembered body found stuffed in suitcases in apartment after neighbors report foul odor
The body parts were found stuffed inside numerous suitcases in a sixth-floor apartment on Linwood St near Atlantic Avenue in Cypress Hills (Screenshots/ABC 7 NY)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY: In a horrifying incident, multiple suitcases containing human body parts were found in a Brooklyn apartment on Wednesday afternoon, September 21. A call about a missing tenant and a "foul odor" emanating from the apartment led NYPD officers to the discovery.

Police found the person at 315 Linwood Street in East New York, but were unable to enter the apartment until after while they awaited the approval of a search warrant. They entered the address on the sixth floor of the ten-story building and found blood and human remains right away. The NYPD is hunting for a person of interest for questioning after authorities identified him.


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According to the New York Post, there was no sign of the tenant, who was reportedly in her 20s. The building superintendent of a nearby block who first discovered the human parts called the police, according to Kim Angeles, 24, who lives next door to the terrible incident that was unearthed. 

Around 1.30 pm, police were called to 315 Linwood Street in East New York after a foul order was reported in a home on the sixth floor, according to sources. A "large amount of blood" was reportedly discovered there and authorities said they are investigating. 

The woman who resides in the apartment where the remains were discovered has a boyfriend with whom she would frequently quarrel, according to numerous other building residents who spoke to the New York Post. Sources stated that the medical examiner was looking into the results and would likely provide more details on Thursday, September 22.  Police have not released the identity of the person they believe the body parts belong to, so it was unclear whether the remains belonged to the woman they were performing the wellness check for.

The building, which has 100 separate apartments and was built in 2020, is home to several previously homeless people. Neighbor Lindsey Vena told ABC7, "This neighborhood is not the best neighborhood, to be honest with you, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. It makes me scared to even be around here. I'm just sick." She added, "This is scary. I live here with my family and it's just kind of wicked knowing that there's somebody doing something like this where you lay your head at night." 

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