Who is Dion Cini? 'Guerilla marketeer' removed from Central Park ice rink for unfurling huge Trump 2024 flag

Cini was visiting the popular destination run by the Trump Organization on what was supposed to be its last days in business

                            Who is Dion Cini? 'Guerilla marketeer' removed from Central Park ice rink for unfurling huge Trump 2024 flag
Screengrab showing Dion Cini holding the flag (Twitter)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: A man was removed by guards from the Wollman Rink in Central Park over the weekend as he unfurled a huge Trump 2024 flag. The man, identified as Dion Cini, claimed he was a “guerilla marketeer”, shared the encounter on Twitter and claimed he “was attacked”. Cini was reportedly visiting the popular destination run by former President Donald Trump on what was supposed to be its last days in business.

The Trump supporter spoke with The Daily Dot as he said, “I brought the Trump 2024 flag to Trump Wollman rink because it was the last day of The Trump organization managing the rink, which they've done for the last 30 some years, and wanted to celebrate another Trump accomplishment while also starting a campaign push for 2024. As I was being attacked I heard people cheering as I was put into a chokehold, which shocked me because I thought they want unity and not watch their fellow Americans being [attacked] over a flag.”


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While sharing about the incident on Twitter, Cini wrote, “I was attacked at Trump Wollman Rink in Central Park, just for raising a Trump 2024 flag. @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @DanScavino @parscale @RealTina40 #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica.”

The clip attracted a lot of attention on the internet as a user tweeted, “Wondering as I’m watching this. That’s a mob attacking you. Is the FBI going to use Facial analysis to arrest those people that attacked you?  Im going with a no on that.  They only do that to MAGA supporters.” The second one commented, “I might agree with your sentiments but I disagree with the forum - it was a family event and you brought politics into it. Bad judgement on place and time.”






“What if it was a Biden flag and the same happened?  There would be marching in the streets and media outrage. The hypocrisy is beyond ridiculous.  There is a lot of intolerance by the left unless you agree with them,” a person pointed out while another one added, “There's a camera on you the whole time. So, you went into this with the purpose of causing a commotion and getting it on video. This little act was just about provoking people…”

Screengrab showing Dion Cini holding the flag (Twitter)




Earlier, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the annulment of the city’s ice skating rinks contract with the Trump Organization. The reported reason behind the cancellation was the 74-year-old’s alleged involvement in the January 6 riots at the Capitol building that claimed the lives of five people, including one police officer.

The closure of the ice rink left many people furious. Lee Klausner, 49, while watching her two daughters skate, told The New York Post, “The real people they’re hurting are the 2,500 children that have been benefiting from the skating program this season and 250 innocent employees who have been keeping this going for us.” Another person affected by the closure was 18-year-old Sabet, who was at the rink on the weekend, “I was so upset. I’ve literally skated here since I was 3 years old. …. We know everyone here, it’s like a second family. This is our senior year. So many things have already been ruined.” Marc Weitzman, who has taught figure skating at Wollman for 12 years, added, “I understand politics, I get it, but I think in this particular situation who ends up getting hurt are the children and all of us that teach here.”

People skate at Central Park ice rink on Christmas day on December 25, 2017 in New York City. Security in New York is on alert as thousand of tourists visit the city for the holidays (Getty Images)

However, after the outrage, de Blasio reversed his decision and let the popular spot stay open until April. City Hall Press Secretary Bill Neidhardt said as reported by The Daily Wire, "New York City kids deserve all the time on the ice they can get this year. The Wollman and Lasker rinks will stay open under current management for the few weeks left in this season. But make no mistake, we will not be doing business with the Trump Organization going forward. Inciting an insurrection will never be forgotten or forgiven."

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