St Bonaventure Cheerleader storms out of NCAA basketball game after abuse by rival player

St Bonaventure Cheerleader storms out of NCAA basketball game after abuse by rival player
Footage shows Koning's coach talking to a guard, and it looks like she is defending her. (Twitter/@mid_madness/Instagram/@hkoning11)

A college cheerleader from St Bonaventure University, New York, was seen storming off a basketball court during an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) game between St Bonaventure and St Louis men's teams on Friday, 11 March, after a St Louis player allegedly yelled 'shut the f**k up b*itch' to her.

Hannah Koning, who is a member of the cheerleading squad at the University, got involved in an on-court quarrel with freshman guard Jordan Nesbitt, of the Saint Louis men's basketball team, during the Atlantic 10 men's basketball tournament. Footage of the incident shows the cheerleader walking away from St Louis fans, who were allegedly taunting her. While another woman, believed to be Koning's coach, was seen talking to what appears to be a security guard on the court. Due to noises inside the stadium, the conversation between the guard and the coach could not be heard properly in the footage.


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Hannah Koning a cheerleader of St.Bounaventure University. (Instagram/@hkoning11)


After the game was over with 57-56 victory for St Louis, Koining replied to a clip shared by a SportsBlogs Nation (SB Nation) affiliated account, called Mid-Major Madness, about the incident saying, "This was after he looked me dead in the eyes, an innocent cheerleader, and told me to 'shut the f**k up, b**ch' embarrassing."



Twitter account who goes by the name Mid Major Madness also confirmed that a St Louis player hurled foul slurs at Koning and that Nesbitt, had been chirping the Bonaventure cheerleaders all game, calling them disgusting names. The tweet says, "For anyone who is wondering what happened at the end of the Bonnies/Saint Louis game, Jordan Nesbitt had been chirping the Bonaventure cheerleaders all games, calling them disgusting names. He came up at the end and said some more. There’s zero room in the game for that. Nasty."



St Louis' Nesbitt, who is currently averaging 8.2 points this season on a 39.5 percent field goal percentage, has not commented anything on the claim as of now and has not been disciplined over the allegations, as he is seen competing the next day against  Davidson University.

Disappointed with the situation, Mid Major Madness also tweeted how some teams are suspended over the tiniest of things but when something as big as being indisciplined towards other university students, St Louis does anything. The tweet says, "Jordan Nesbitt is starting but Kent players get suspended over a song… man."



Another cheerleader from St Bonaventure agreed with Mid Major Madness' opinion and replied to the tweet saying, "My point from my last tweet exactly. Nothing getting done. SLU is so embarrassing." Her tweet was also retweeted by Koning.


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