Nurse wears only bikini under transparent PPE gown in male hospital ward, says she was feeling 'too hot'

She said she was feeling 'too hot' wearing her uniform underneath the protective gown

                            Nurse wears only bikini under transparent PPE gown in male hospital ward, says she was feeling 'too hot'
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A nurse was disciplined after she decided to ditch her uniform and opted to wear only bare essentials beneath her PPE gown while treating male patients in the coronavirus ward in a hospital. 

The incident took place at a hospital in Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow, where a picture of the nurse wearing the revealing outfit was taken by a patient in the ward. The photo soon went viral and showed the Russian nurse wearing nothing but "lingerie" beneath her transparent protective gown. According to Daily Mail, the patient said that there were no complaints received as such from the male patients due to the inappropriate nature of clothing of the nurse, although he admitted that there was "some embarrassment" among his fellow bedmates. 




However, the stunt pulled by the nurse failed to amuse the hospital officials who disciplined the nurse for "non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing." Apparently the reason given by the unnamed nurse in her 20s was that she was feeling "too hot" wearing her nurses' uniform underneath her protective gown and hence decided to ditch it altogether. While it was earlier reported that she might have been wearing "lingerie," it was later discovered that she was wearing a two-piece swimsuit.  

She also tried to convince her managers at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that she did not realize that the PPE she wears every day was as see-through as it turned out to be. Her plea fell on deaf ears as regional health ministry reported that "a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated (uniform) requirements." The exact details of the disciplinary action were not revealed and the nurse has not made a public statement on the matter. 

Viewers who came across the viral picture of the nurse did not agree with the hospital's decision to reprimand the nurse and instead, congratulated her on her quick thinking, which turned a morose situation into an amusing one.  "At least someone has a sense of humor in this gloomy, gloomy reality," one of them commented, while another said, "Why the reprimand?" 

Another supporter said, "Everyone shouted at her, but no one paid attention that she was dressed in this way because of the heat. Maybe you need to yell at the management … because there is no normal air conditioning here." A fourth one quipped: "Well done, she raised the mood of the patients." And a fifth viewer said: "Why punish the nurse, you need to reward her. Seeing this outfit, no-one wants to die."

The news of this incident came after Alexander Myasnikov, the head of Russia's COVID-19 monitoring center and a former TV doctor raised quite a few eyebrows with his bleak and pessimistic approach to handling the response to the virus. "The infection will anyway take its toll," he said. "It'll take its toll. We will anyway all get sick. Those who were supposed to die will die."

At the time of writing this article, there were over 300,000 cases of coronavirus reported and 2972 deaths in Russia, according to live data tracking by John Hopkins Univerity.

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