Nude photos of Love Island's Zara McDermott shared on WhatsApp along with explicit videos

Nude photos of Love Island's Zara McDermott shared on WhatsApp along with explicit videos
Zara McDermott (Getty Images)

Nude photos and explicit videos of  Zara McDermott were shared online on WhatsApp after she entered the 'Love Island' villa. Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the family revealed that all of them are extremely shocked by this. "They are shocked and disappointed that anyone would breach her trust in this way," the source said. Zara reportedly does not know about the leaked images as she is inside the villa shooting for the show. 

Zara works in the Department of Education under Damian Hinds. Her LinkedIn page claims she developed policies, dealt with parliamentary questions and briefed ministers. She has been working at the Department for Education for eight months or as she likes to put it, she "makes the laws." Before entering the house she said, "I think my job is quite different. A lot of people are interested in what I do on a day-to-day basis. There are two sides to me – I can be quite serious but I’m also spontaneous, fun and energetic.”

We'd go with Zara on the last part because if you check the Instagram profile being handled for her then all you can see is her in bikinis and modeling in really seductive poses, not quite what you'd expect a government worker to be. She is at the risk of losing her job after she failed to tell her bosses that she will be appearing on Love Island. 

As reported by Daily Star, the reality star worked as a policy adviser for the government before she decided to join the show. While there is no doubt that Zara is a beauty with brains, it had been reported that in her previous job, Zara was dealing with parliamentary questions and developing a new policy on renewable heating technology. 

While her job sounds exciting, there is a high possibility that she might have to kiss it goodbye as her bosses were not happy that she did not reveal she was going to enter a reality show like Love Island. According to The Sun, Zara told her managers that she was taking a "career break" to appear on a TV show but did not indicate what the show was about. 

Due to this, Zara has been asked to follow certain rules if she does not want to quit her job. This means that the reality star will have to refrain from speaking or commenting on any topic related to politics. A government source told the tabloid, " She said she was taking a career break to work on TV but did not give specific details. She needs to be very careful because the rules are quite vague about what would be deemed bad behavior so she could end up getting sacked.”

So, will the nude photo leak affect her career in any way? We are yet to see. 

Meanwhile, the Department of Education said civil servants on career breaks “must abide by the civil service code.”  Even though Zara's job might be at risk, she is not letting that come in between her performance on the show. In the recent episodes of the show, Zara was seen with bad boy Adam Collard. Many believed that the pair might be more than friends in the upcoming episodes. At the same time, others expected the drama to emerge as everyone has seen Rosie Williams and Adam getting close in previous episodes. However, she quickly cleared the air stating that there is nothing romantic between the two. 

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 Nude photos of Love Island Zara McDermott shared on WhatsApp along with explicit video