North West shows she is a fan of Kim Kardashian's eyeshadows as she is caught face painting with it

Kim Kardashian catches North West trying out her makeup and she cannot help but film the adorable moment.

                            North West shows she is a fan of Kim Kardashian's eyeshadows as she is caught face painting with it
Kim Kardashian and North West (Source : Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian has many fans when it comes to her eyeshadow palette but it looks like her number one fan is right at home. On Tuesday, Kim caught her daughter, North West trying out her eyeshadows and using them for face painting. The $45 KKW x Mario palette was all over North's face and she sure seems to like how it looked on her face. “North, what are you doing with my Mario palette? Turn around,” she can be heard saying in the video. 

North just smiled for the camera while Kim told her that is not how one puts an eyeshadow. “Stop it! Hey, that’s not how you put on eyeshadow!” she added. North, who recently celebrated her birthday bash, can be seen becoming a fashion icon at a very young age. There is no surprise that she has a cupboard full of designer clothes and it looks like she is falling in love with beauty products. Who knows, one might soon see a palette inspired by her in KKW beauty?

This is not the first time that North has showcased her love for makeup. Back in December 2017, Kim showed some of North's make up skills. With the help of products from ColourPop Cosmetics and Maybelline, North was spotted putting her skills to use by putting on makeup for her friend. Meanwhile, Kim documented the "glam session" on her Instagram stories and gave her fans a glimpse into what her daughter likes to do. 

“North says she wants to be a makeup artist,” Kim captioned the image she shared online. Sticking to mostly purple and pinks, North called her idea as "butterfly looks". “It’ll be so magical at the end,” North said in the video while she applied blush for her friend. Kim even hinted that North wants to be a makeup artist after growing up and it looks like she is onto a very good start. 

Speaking to Women Wears Daily in 2017, Kim revealed that North learned most of her makeup skills by watching videos online. “My daughter watches so many YouTube tutorials and videos. She was unboxing the My Little Pony Colourpop collection and I thought to myself, ‘I wish I was recording this’ because her reaction was so funny. And then she did makeup on the My Little Pony that they gave and she said, ‘Mom, I want to do a YouTube video,’ ” she said. 

Meanwhile, she added that Kanye would always be willing for North to start her own YouTube channel one day. However, she still highlighted the effects that social media could have on her little daughter. “I don’t know if it’s something she would really want to do… but it’s always a struggle on how much you want to have exposed or how much access you want them to have to have to social media,” she added.