Who was Norman Wilson? Army vet's naked body left on walkway for 3 hours by Albuquerque firemen

The vet's wife said first responders left the man outside their home and took his clothes off in an attempt to resuscitate him

                            Who was Norman Wilson? Army vet's naked body left on walkway for 3 hours by Albuquerque firemen
Albuquerque Fire Rescue personnel were accused of leaving man's naked body outside (City of Albuquerque official website)

In a shocking incident, first responders reportedly left a deceased 100-year-old Army veteran's nude body outside his Albuquerque home in New Mexico for three hours before arriving to retrieve it, news outlets reported on Monday, July 5. 

Earlier this year, an Army veteran was found dead in a trash can in Hawaii, following which her estranged soldier husband was charged. The city of Albuquerque was recently in the news for other unfortunate incidents, such as when a hot air balloon crash killed five people. In June this month, Sean Lannon, a man accused of killing his ex and three others, was charged with the murder of a man who helped him move his victims' dismembered bodies.


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According to reports, June Wilson, the wife of Army veteran Norman Wilson, claimed that she had called 911 two weeks ago to report the death of her husband but when Albuquerque Fire Rescue personnel arrived, they took him to a sidewalk outside the house and stripped him naked in an effort to resuscitate him. They then allegedly left him outside for three hours, in full view of their neighbors.

Who was Norman Wilson?

Norman Wilson was a 100-year-old Army veteran who died in his southeast Albuquerque home almost two weeks ago, KRQE reported. In honor of her late husband, his wife June planted flowers and a crucifix near the entrance of her house. “I couldn’t work because I had to take care of him,” she told the news outlet. June told reporters that she called 911 to say her husband was no more. She said that first responders then placed the man on the walkway and took his clothes off in an attempt to resuscitate him. “They cut his clothes off,” said Wilson. “He had a t-shirt on and a pair of jeans on and he was nude. Completely nude, from head to toe.”


Wilson then went on to say that once a police officer arrived on the scene, the firemen left, but not before leaving her husband's body nude and visible to the neighbors. "There was a cop here who said the chaplain was on his way but they let my husband sit there for two and a half hours nude and that was wrong," Wilson told the station. "That was a disgrace to him. It was a disgrace to me." She watched as ants crawled over her husband's body as she waited. She ultimately wrapped a blanket around the body around two and a half hours after the body lay there, according to Daily Mail.

"I mean, in front of my house on the concrete on the dirt," she said of the scene. "That, that's wrong, that's inhumane." Police and fire authorities justified their actions, claiming that a high call volume that night caused delays in the arrival of the chaplain and medical investigators. "It can be quite complicated and family members are distraught because they witnessed their loved one passing away or discovered their loved one so, it is an extremely difficult scene to handle," Albuquerque Fire Rescue spokesman Tom Ruiz told KRQE.

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