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‘No ballot stuffing, no fowl play’: Joe Biden jokes as he pardons Thanksgiving turkeys Chocolate and Chip

'I hereby pardon Chocolate and Chip,' Joe Biden declared at the ceremony
UPDATED NOV 23, 2022
President Joe Biden pardons Chocolate, the national Thanksgiving turkey (Screenshot from @RNCResearch/Twitter)
President Joe Biden pardons Chocolate, the national Thanksgiving turkey (Screenshot from @RNCResearch/Twitter)

WASHINGTON, DC: Joe Biden's interaction with the pair of Thanksgiving turkeys Chip and Chocolate received mixed reactions on Twitter. Continuing the 75-year tradition, The President pardoned the turkeys named after his favorite ice cream flavors while cracking jokes about his party's performance in the mid-term election.

While discharging his presidential duty at the ceremony held at the White House, Biden said, “There’s no ballot stuffing. There’s no fowl play. The only red wave this season’s gonna be if German shepherd Commander knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table," referring to the mid-term elections and Commander, his dog.


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However, social media was soon inundated with tweets and comments in response to Biden's jokes. The midterm elections brought a win for the Democrats but the storm is yet to calm.

"The turkey probably has more intelligent things to say and can likely speak English better than Joe Biden," someone trolled the POTUS on Twitter. "The turkey isn’t the only one who is cooked now! The game is up! Lol," said another. "The turkey would have a better conversation with him than Fetterman…or himself," a tweet read.




One user said, "Not able to buy Chocolate and Chip due to inflation," while another wrote, "The most expensive Thanksgiving meal for all Americans in history per Wine & Food magazine. Add in travel costs this year; that is if people can even afford to travel or prepare for a meal for extended family members." "America, where we pardon turkeys but not journalists," said a tweet.




There were tweets in support of Biden as well. One user wrote, "That's genuinely funny. He's such a likable guy. And that's exactly why he had the most successful midterm election in years. Joe Biden is a decent human being." "I'm not a fan, but these are fun little traditions. I don't think we need to bash Biden for every little thing he does. Lord knows, he gives us enough real ammo. Let him have a moment or two to just be a guy. Turkey pardons are just good fun and in the spirit of the holidays," one user tweeted.



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