LAPD denies Game's claim they insulted Nipsey Hussle's family at the funeral

LAPD denies Game's claim they insulted Nipsey Hussle's family at the funeral
Nipsey Hussle (Source : Getty Images)

A day after slain rapper Nipsey Hussle's Celebration of Life ceremony, LAPD officers have been accused of insulting Hussle's family while they were talking on their radios during the funeral at the Staples Center. 

The rapper, The Game was the one who accused the LAPD officers. He uploaded the audio on his Instagram page and captioned it: "Audio of what seems to be LAPD officers intercepted on police radio & caught disrespecting Nips parents, his home-going & celebration SMFH. Then y’all stupid mothaf**kas wonder why nobody has faith in the legal system or this corrupt police force/government," he wrote. 

Adding to that he said, "This s*it is disgusting & the voices in this video if they are in fact police officers should be recognized by other officers & they should be brought to the light !!!! Protect & serve right ??!!?!? F*ck outta here !!! Nips mother was beautiful yesterday & his father stood by her side & showed strength in a time we all needed to see it !!! & although this doesn’t speak for every officer in the world I’m pretty sure it does for a vast majority & therein lies the problem. I wasn’t even going to post this but I had to use my platform to speak to people & make as many people aware as possible. If it’s two civilians on radio conversing it is still disheartening & sick to hear someone talk about his parents etc in this manor.... & this is really how they feel about us." 

The rapper added: "I’m only one man as was Nip & now that he’s perished due to another’s jealousy & envy it is on ALL OF US to step up individually one at a time until that is a UNIFIED rock & defend not only his honor & legacy but that of all of us that grew up & lived in the same poverty stricken neighborhoods, cities around the world. This is sickening & cannot be tolerated !!!!! Nipsey’s passing has shifted the world & his memory is FOREVER !!! We cannot allow this to be heard & turn the other cheek..... & like I stated above, if these are in fact #LAPD officers we want their badges & for them to be brought to the forefront & made example of as this is a time of awakening for all. We don’t always have to respond with violence, especially in a time where our brother’s mission & passing is bringing about so much love felt around the world. But this, is UNACCEPTABLE by all means !!! #LongLiveNip#TheMarathonContinues 🏁🏁🏁." 


In the audio, you can hear someone diss Hussle's parents and another person is clearly heard saying, "What they should've done after the funeral is drove the mother f***er and put him in the ground before he starts stinking up the place."

An hour after the audio was posted on Instagram, the handle of LAPD replied to The Game's post denying it was one of their officers, "We are aware of this disrespectful, disturbing, and offensive recording and responded to it last night on our LAPDHQ Twitter account. We can assure you we looked into it, and by all indications, this is not an LAPD radio broadcast based on several factors, one of them being that we use digital frequencies that can not be intercepted using a child’s toy walkie talkie, and this does not appear to be a digital frequency." 

In addition to that, the LAPD told TMZ that they will not be conducting an investigation into this. They said their broadcasts cannot be intercepted using toy walkie-talkies. 


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