Watch: Rapper Nipsey Hussle slaps man outside BET Awards parking lot

Trying to get to his rehearsal before it got late, the rapper wanted to go through a restricted area, on being stopped he lost his cool and got into a physical fight

                            Watch: Rapper Nipsey Hussle slaps man outside BET Awards parking lot
Nipsey Hussle (Source:Getty Images)

L.A rapper Nipsey Hussle lost his cool as he was spotted slapping a man in the parking lot of BET Awards. According to TMZ, the physical altercation between the two happened after they had an argument over a parking spot. Nipsey reportedly wanted to drive his car through a restricted area in order to park his car but the BET award employee refused to do so. 

Nipsey's bodyguard was spotted holding one of the orange cones that were placed in the restricted area but the man was spotted smacking it out of his hand. It is then that Nipsey could not control his anger. A security guard had to come to the scene and had to physically restrain Nipsey in order to calm the rapper down. He then returned to his car. The videowas quickly shared online and instantly went viral. 

People were quick to comment about what they thought of his actions. "Woah I did not see that coming...he was quick with it too," one person wrote after watching the video. While another commented, "How you get slapped and backup??? Lol. A slap more disrespectful than a punch." Another Twitter user wrote, "Slapped him and tracked out...SALUTE." 


It is unclear if the rapper was charged after the incident took place (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

Another added, "Nipsey legit just b**ch smacked somebody like an hour ago & still made it on stage to perform. LMAOOO!!! He legit AF." Despite this, the rapper took to the awards and delivered a performance. Taking place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the awards will see a number of powerful performances. The rapper took to his Twitter account to thank his fans for the support and love they showcased towards his performance. 

"bet Thank Y’all for Inviting Letting Us set the Awards off and also thank u you @aegworldwide for providing the property," he wrote. The rapper has produced several mixtapes. His rise to fame was coupled with Jay-Z buying 100 copies for $100 each of his mixtape titled, 'Crenshaw'. Apart from rapping, he has made appearances in various movies and done small parts. 

In 2007, he played a small role in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's semi-autobiographical film 'I Tried'. Three years later, the rapper went on to be cast in yet another movie titled 'Caged Animal'. He also appeared in The Sexy Getting Ready Song in the pilot episode of 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'. The rapper has also showed skills of being an entrepreneur as in 2016 he launched "The Marathon Agency" with business partners, Karen Civil, Jorge Peniche and Steven "Steve-O" Carless, as reported by Billboard.

Now, as for the fight that took place outside the award show, it is unclear if the rapper had been charged for it. It is being reported that Nipsey wanted to drive to through the restricted area to get to his rehearsal for which he was late.