Ninja Sex Party's new video 'Danny Don't You Know' casts Finn Wolfhard as the young Danny Sexbang

Ninja Sex Party casts Wolfhard in a role in their new video, probably trying to use the Stranger Things actor's popularity and musical skills to their advantage

                            Ninja Sex Party's new video 'Danny Don't You Know' casts Finn Wolfhard as the young Danny Sexbang
Finn Wolfhard (Source : Getty Images)

Finn Wolfhard, who plays the role of Mike in Netflix's 'Stranger Things', can be seen as the younger self of Danny Sexbang (originally known as Dan Avidan) in Ninja Sex Party's new video 'Danny Don't You Know'. The track is a part of the band's sixth album 'Cool Patrol' which is to be released on August 17. Ninja Sex Party is an American musical comedy duo band of singer Dan Avidan and keyboardist Brian Wecht.

In the video, Danny travels back in 1994 to give his younger (nerdier) self a little pep talk, to let him know that "everybody knows that the best bananas will ripe with time." The present-day Sexbang and his bandmate Ninja Brian visit the young Danny in the classroom, just when he was being bullied by another classmate. Sexbang sends out a motivational message in his usual quirky way to let the young Danny know that he is "hard as f*** on the inside." 

AVI News has mentioned that the video seems to be specifically tailored around the "I feel this" tweets. The article notes that it is a self-aware sort of gimmickry video, where the band member takes a dig at his own past and present lack in being the cool one. There also might be possibilities that Wolfhard's presence in the video might give it some higher ratings and views. 

The 'Stranger Things' star and his own band, 'Calpurnia', recently dropped their new album, 'Scout' with Royal Mountain Records, on June 15, soon after releasing their debut single 'City Boy'. According to Consequence of Sound, the band is supposed to play at two sold-out shows in Atlanta and Los Angeles during the spring and summer before they head for Osheaga in August. Wolfhard has confessed that while most 'Calpurnia' fans are actually 'Stranger Things' fans, it might not be a big deal for them since the fans are loyal "and really do like the music". The actor/musician has also expressed his resentment for those who only show support for the show and not for the band and its music. 

In an interview with NME, Wolfhard spoke about their debut at a benefit show in LA, where several 'Stranger Things' fans who kept referring to the show, instead of encouraging or cheering for the band. The article quotes him explaining, "I remember going up on stage and plugging in [my guitar] to tune and hearing, ‘Where’s your girlfriend Eleven?'...I got one at Toronto and shut them down super hard – in a nice way. They said something like, ‘I love Stranger Things’ and I was like, ‘Cool man, I also like music, which is what’s happening right now.'”