Nikki Jabs: TikToker breaks down after being sent home by boyfriend for 'bad dress'

Nikki Jabs posted a video on Tiktok which has received about 7 million views where she talked about how her date was embarrassed to see her

                            Nikki Jabs: TikToker breaks down after being sent home by boyfriend for 'bad dress'
Nikki Jabs was upset with the treatment she got during her date (TikTok/@nikki.jabs)

After reporting that her date sent her home in an Uber because he didn't like her dress, a woman from Michigan has gone viral on TikTok. In the viral TikTok clip, Nikki Jabs has talked about her recent experience on the date she went.

TikToker Nikki Jabs, who met one Greg on a dating service, stated, "I spent 40 minutes on my makeup to meet his friends and coworkers at a grand opening for the retail company he works for." Jabs donned a black long-sleeved crop top and pink paper-bag trousers to the event. she routinely tweets about her "dating chronicles" on the social media platform.


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When Nicki went to pick Greg up, however, he did not approve of the outfit. "He didn't want to be seen with me in this attire, so he sent me home in an Uber and went to the opening without me," the distraught woman explained to her followers.

"I'm just really disappointed because I worked so hard to look nice, and he drove me home in an Uber. On a Friday night, he sent me home with a stranger," she claimed in a video on TikTok, which has been viewed over 7 million times.


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“He wasn’t comfortable with me around his coworkers but was comfortable sending me home with a stranger in an Uber,” Jabs said, adding that Greg had previously told her not to wear makeup or heels on dates. She also posted photos of herself in the Uber.

Nikki jabs telling her followers about her experience (TikTok)

"I responded, 'I'm either going home or wearing this to the function.' "Can I call you an Uber?" he asked, she said. The TikToker commented in the overlay text, "Currently smiling but also trying not to weep," as the Taylor Swift song 'All Too Well' played in the background, with the lyrics, "And you were tossing me the vehicle keys."

Nikki was upset with the treatment she got during her date (@nikki.jabs/TikTok)

Jabs described in another video how Greg's behavior had gradually been becoming more disturbing. "It all started with little comments here and there over the last couple of weeks, like, ‘why are you wearing heels? I like it when you wear tennis shoes. Why are you wearing so much makeup? I like it when you’re natural',’” she said.

Many users showed their support for the woman.  "There will be apologies and begging." Please don't listen to him since things will only become worse. "You're stunning and deserving of so much more!" one of them stated.

"Remember, this is him at the start. This is him at his most polite. Run," said another. Jabs stated that she had received the message loud and clear. "Yup! I took off," she explained, adding that she now lives in her van with her faithful cat. "I'm grateful I only had to stay for three weeks instead of three years," she remarked.