'Total Bellas': Nikki does not want relationship advice from Brie and she makes it very clear

Nikki finally breaks down after an argument with Brie about Artem. She feels that John Cena gets praise while she gets told that she is ruining their woman empowerment brand.

                            'Total Bellas': Nikki does not want relationship advice from Brie and she makes it very clear

Breakups are hard but when you are Nikki Bella, they seem to be harder.

In the latest episode of 'Total Bellas', Nikki finally breaks down after Brie tells her that she shouldn't be hanging out with Artem Chignvintsev, her former 'Dancing With the Stars' pro. Nikki wants to make her mom's dream of doing a dance routine in front of a crowd comes true and so she decides to get Artem onboard for the training. Nikki's idea is to get a two-fold result - get back in shape for Evolution and help Kathy Colace realize her dream. However, the idea starts an argument with Brie that leaves Nikki feeling terrible. 



Nikki breaks the news to Brie during lunch. "Who are you guys going to do it with?" she asked her sister. "Artem," Nikki replied casually. "Yeah, but I don't know if I would use him," Brie told Nikki and Nikki seemed like she was going to snap at her twin. However, she kept her cool. "You don't think the media's going to blow it out of proportion and makeup all this B.S.? What if all of a sudden they make you out as a cheater?" Brie asked, reminding Nikki about the time when she and John Cena broke up and rumors started circling in the media. Brie is also concerned that Nikki's dating life could potentially damage their brand together.



"People would always make these comments. They'd write all this stuff on John's page and then on her page and Artem," Brie told the confessional camera talking about the time of the split when fans on social media wrote some really ugly things directed towards Nikki. "Right now, I'm just thinking about the future," Brie continued. "I want all of our brands to be set. And that's why I'm on my sister about not ruining our brand and everything we've built for the last decade." Unsurprisingly, Brie's reaction to the whole thing made her super upset. Poor Nikki, the odds seem to be against her.

"I'm so sick of people telling me how to live," she said breaking down when talking to her mom later in the episode. "Because I'm a woman, I'm not allowed to go to bars and be seen with guys. But John can do it. He gets praise but everyone comes to me saying, 'You're going to ruin our woman empowerment brand.'"

"Artem is a good friend and we spent so much time together but I can't be seen with him because of the timing of everything. I'm so f***ing sick of hiding and so exhausted from it all," she said adding, "Everyone's telling me how to live and I'm not living how I want to live." 


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