Nikki Bella admits she can't 'sacrifice' kids for John Cena as she breaks down in ‘Total Bellas’ clip

Nikki Bella seems to hint that she and John broke up because he did not want to have kids in a new Total Bellas clip.

                            Nikki Bella admits she can't 'sacrifice' kids for John Cena as she breaks down in ‘Total Bellas’ clip
John Cena and Nikki Bella (Source: Getty Images)

John Cena and Nikki Bella confirmed their split in a joint statement which was released on April 15 and since then people have been questioning what went wrong. Recently, a clip from the upcoming episode of Total Bella hints that the pair decided to head their separate ways due to their difference in thinking when it comes to parenthood. 

 “I will never force you not to be a mom,” John can be seen telling Nikki as tears roll down her face. At this moment, one can say that the couple realized that they want two separate things later in life and not having kids wasn't something Nikki was going to give up for anyone, even John. 

 “I thought I could really sacrifice that, but I just can’t,” she continued. At this point, John can be seen making the decision of calling the wedding off. “I’m not sure we should go through with this,” John says in the clip. What is extremely heartbreaking is the fact that the trailer begins with Nikki getting excited about the wedding which was scheduled to take place on May 5. 

The clip shows her replacing the wedding topper with action figures of John and her. At the same time, the show will also show the process of Nikki trying out wedding dresses for her big day. Nikki and John had been dating for six years before they announced their separation.

The two made the announcement on Twitter and assured people that it was in the best interest of both of them. “While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another,” the tweet read. “We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives.”

In yet another video which was released on January 30, there had been signs that the things were not so good between the couple. In the previous clip, Nikki could be seen asking John, "So we really want to call this off?” Even though at that time one would find it hard to understand what the couple had been talking about, things seem to be pretty clear now. 

After being tight-lipped about their break up, John finally decided to speak up during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. When asked how he was doing after the split, John said that "It sucks." John went on to say that despite the breakup he cares about Nikki. 

 "There's no other way to say [it]," the WWE star shared. "I love Nicole with all my heart, and that's that." The pair even posted cryptic messages on May 5 (what would have been their wedding day). John took to Twitter to write a cryptic message which suggested that the WWE star was trying his best to "keep moving" even though things may not have turned the way he had thought it would. “If you choose to keep moving, no matter how low the road takes you, it will eventually begin to climb back up. #NeverGiveUp,” he wrote on social media.

Nikki also took to her Instagram and shared a picture which read: “Chin up princess or the crown slips." While the two seem to be finding the strength to this sudden turn of events, their fans are hoping that fate will reunite them  and they will be back together once again.