Nike sues Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes maker MSCHF for trademark infringement, but fans want rapper to 'countersue'

Nike sues Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes maker MSCHF for trademark infringement, but fans want rapper to 'countersue'
Nike has sued MSCHF which collaborated with Lil Nas X for Satan Shoes (Getty Images)

Lil Nas X's latest collection of the notorious 'Satan' sneakers sold out all 666 pairs priced at $1,018 in less than a minute. While that's a cause for celebration for the 'Old Town Road' singer, it was soon shadowed by a lawsuit. On Monday, March 29, Nike filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against MSCHF, the company behind the Satan Shoes.

According to the latest emerging reports, Nike has accused MSCHF Product Studio, Inc. of trademark infringement over the designer's 666 pairs of modified Nike sneakers made in collaboration with the rapper. The shoes went viral on social media in no time and Nike felt the need to "set the record straight" after many people accused Nike of supporting the occult. The shoes apparently contain 6CCs of red ink and allegedly one drop of human blood in its sole.


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Lil Nas X attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show at Milk Studios on February 7, 2020, in Hollywood, California (Getty Images)

What is the lawsuit?

In the suit filed by Nike, in which Lil Nas X was not named as the defendant, the brand argues that it must maintain control over its brand "by setting the record straight" about what products can wear the "swoosh" logo. More concerning to them was the fact that many people called to boycott Nike altogether for seemingly approving the product. 

"In fact, there is already evidence of significant confusion and dilution occurring in the marketplace, including calls to boycott Nike in response to the launch of MSCHF's Satan Shoes based on the mistaken belief that Nike has authorized or approved this product," the lawsuit says. According to a statement released after the complaint was filed, Nike reiterated that it is in no way affiliated with Satan Shoes. "We don't have any further details to share on pending legal matters," Nike said. "However, we can tell you we do not have a relationship with Lil Nas X or MSCHF."

A Nike logo is seen at the Nike flagship store on 5th Ave. on December 20, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

According to the latest reports, representatives for the musician did not respond to calls or emails requesting comment on Monday night. Even MSCHF reportedly did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

What are the controversial shoes?

On Monday, Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, released the collaboration for 'Satan Shoes' with MSCHF. The sneakers are modified Nike Air Max 97s, which are decorated with a pentagram pendant and a reference to Luke 10:18, a Bible verse about Satan's fall from heaven. On Sunday, MSCHF a company known for creating controversial and viral products, said that the shoes contained a drop of human blood inside the sole that is drawn from members of the MSCHF team.

Lil Nas X and Nike Satan Blood (Getty Images/Twitter)

Lil Nas X supporters stand by him

It looks like many on social media are in support of the rapper and are calling out the brand for taking the legal way. "Nike didn’t try to sue MSCHF when they dropped their other customs. MSCHF also never announced them as an official Nike collaboration, the public made that assumption in outrage. “MSCHF x Lil Nas X” is how it was announced. This suit could set a precedent on customs going forward," one tweeted. "If Lil Nas X purchased the shoes, and is now customizing them and reselling them, I don’t understand why this would be a trademark issue? Otherwise, Nike could sue every reseller that resells their shoes," another user tweeted. One suggested, "hey man, it's a free market, make sure you counter sue so you can get some free money to make another set of them."




Meanwhile, Nas X tweeted, "me after the nike lawsuit" showing Spongebob Squarepants character Squilliam Fancyson begging. In another tweet, he shared a video of a man serenading the judge in court.



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