'Nightly Pop': E!'s newest series offers bizarre take down of Hollywood, while keeping the three hosts "in line"

Meaww catches up with Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker, and Hunter March to get some deets on the upcoming juicy series 'Nightly Pop'

                            'Nightly Pop': E!'s newest series offers bizarre take down of Hollywood, while keeping the three hosts "in line"

Fret not if you cannot pop your champagne on Monday night! There's something better.

Three pop culture experts -- Morgan Stewart, Nina Parker, and Hunter March -- have taken upon themselves to bring to you some of the juiciest entertainment stories of the week without any filters.

The half-hour-long weekly series titled 'Nightly Pop' guarantees an outrageous takedown of Hollywood's latest news unlike anything you've seen before, so that is why the show comes with a disclaimer: not safe for daytime. In an exclusive conversation with the three co-hosts, Meaww catches up on BTS dynamics and why wine and popcorn will go together when the trio talks trends and celebs with their "little-off" but "friendly" jokes.

Could you tell us in one sentence why is 'Nightly Pop' not safe for daytime?

Morgan Stewart: 'Nightly Pop' is not safe for daytime because we’ll be giving our #nofilter after hours, but real version of pop culture, and it’ll be like nothing you’ve seen before in late-night TV! It’ll be everyone’s new guilty pleasure. (Oops, that’s two sentences but it’s that good!)

What's the best way to watch 'Nightly Pop'? Should we grab a popcorn or a glass of wine?

Morgan Stewart: Who am I kidding? Bottle of wine and popcorn! And call your friends too!


As candid and unfiltered you'll get on the show, who among you three is likely to be the funniest, besides yourself of course!

Hunter March: Even if I was the most candid and unfiltered person in the world, for fear for my own life, I would never pick between Nina and Morgan. Their wrath is worse than anything found in Pandora’s box.

If cameras were rolling right now, what and who would you be discussing about and why?

Hunter March: If Morgan and Nina were here with me right now, we’d most likely be talking about Morgan, and she would be talking about things I cannot ethically or legally share with you.


Please tell us an interesting and little-known-fact about 2/3 of your co-hosts.

Nina Parker: Morgan is extremely flexible and can never sit still. I think she was a gymnast in her former life! Hunter just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and was terrified of the potential pain. Don’t worry, he’s fine!

We see you guys have so much fun on the set. How are your dynamics off the set?

Nina Parker: We are pretty much the same on and off camera. We’re probably more off the wall not on camera, but being on set helps get us in line a bit.

What would brunch be like with 2/3 of your co-hosts?

Hunter March: Our waiter would quit before we got the check.

What's the catchphrase of 2/3 of your cohosts that we will likely hear on 'Nightly Pop'?

Nina Parker: Morgan - Who has coffee? Hunter - Can someone let me in? (He’s new and doesn’t have a badge yet.) lol.


Could you please tell us how will 'Nightly Pop' be different than rest of the late-night shows?

Nina Parker: 'Nightly Pop' isn’t here to inform you, it’s here to entertain you. We want viewers to have fun with us as we are all in on the joke on how weird Hollywood can be. Here we call a spade a spade and poke a little friendly fun at the bizarre world of pop culture. We’re unfiltered and a little off -- In the best way possible.