Netflix 'Night Teeth' Review: A fun, not so serious vampire flick

Benny's in for unexpected trouble as he finds out his passengers are vampires on a mission in 'Night Teeth' on Netflix

                            Netflix 'Night Teeth' Review: A fun, not so serious vampire flick
Jorge Lendeborg Jr and Lucy Fry in 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)

'Night Teeth' is the latest vampire movie to drop on Netflix and it was quite entertaining. The movie follows Benny a non-affluent student who takes up a job on behalf of his brother as a chauffeur without having any clue about the kind of trouble he's about to run into.

As Benny discovers the party girls he's driving aren't regular girls but in fact vampires, he is faced with many inexplicable truths about Los Angeles, the city he's lived in all his life. We see him get dragged along for a frenzied night of bloody thirsty hunting as the situation gets more complicated by the minute. The Netflix film follows the college student as he tries his best to stay alive all while having to comply with the girls' demands on their killing spree. Here are our thoughts on the movie.


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Spoilers for ' Night Teeth'

'Night Teeth' begins with us being shown a fight about to brew as Jay(Raúl Castillo) finds his girlfriend missing. The city of Los Angeles has hosted vampires for centuries now with only a few knowing about them. Humans and vampires have been faithful to a truce that allows them to co-exist until it's broken by Victor (Alfie Allen) who's a power-hungry, low-level vampire. As Benny(Jorge Lendeborg Jr) gets inadvertently dragged into the whole affair, he struggles to keep up with Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe( Lucy Fry) as they go about hunting the vampire bosses in the city under Victor's orders. What follows is a wild car ride all over town in the race to kill before the sunrise.

Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry in 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)


'Night Teeth' makes for an entertaining watch even with a concept we're all too familiar with. The music, city, and vampires make it fun to watch. Lucy Fry gives the obvious standout performance as the 200-year-old slightly( a bit more than slight to be honest) nutter vampire chick. It doesn't come as a surprise seeing that she has played a vampire before in 'Vampire Academy'. Jorge Lendeborg Jr too does a good job as the gullible, sweet, stuttering Benny who's just trying to make sense of the situation. We also see the short appearance of Megan Fox as the vampire Grace. An unoriginal move, it's quite obvious she's there to up the sex appeal of the movie. Alfie Allen who most of us know as the cowardly Theon Greyjoy from 'Game of Thrones' is refreshing as the antagonist. The story of the movie is pretty straightforward and does not require you to think. We can already predict the way it'll all pan out. 

A still from 'Night Teeth' (Netflix)


'Night Teeth' is a fairly amusing casual watch you can tune into at any time. It has parts that are quirky and funny with scenes that are supposed to invoke urgency, not really doing anything. We believe the horror thriller has been pegged wrongly and should have at least been called a comedy-thriller as the movie is more likely to make you chuckle than scare you. It has a lot of youth appeal with it being a fairly chill watch. All in all, whether you stream it or don't, you've nothing much to lose.

'Night Teeth' is now streaming on Netflix.

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