Nicole Kidman joined Keith Urban on stage for a romantic duet and it was magical

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban showcased their romance to a room full of an audience as they came together to sing a duet.

                             Nicole Kidman joined Keith Urban on stage for a romantic duet and it was magical
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (Getty Images)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make us believe that true love still exists. The 'Big Little Lies' actress recently joined her husband on stage at a Spotify event promoting his new album, “Graffiti U,” on Monday (April 23) night in Nashville, Tennessee.

The pair won the hearts of everyone present in the room as they got together to perform an acoustic rendition of Urban’s new track “Parallel Line”. Their performance took people by surprise as people did not expect Nicole to join him on stage. But then again, they are a pair everyone loves to watch and seeing her take over the stage along with Keith, it happened to be a sweet surprise that people had just been waiting for. 

Keith even took to Instagram and posted a short video which showed the two performing his song, which is co-written by Ed Sheeran. The entire impromptu performance was put into action when Nicole interrupted Keith’s introduction of the song while standing in the crowd. According to People, Nicole pushed Keith to sing the song for the audience as a voice could be heard yelling, "Play it!" 

After hearing the voice Keith stopped and smiled. “I know that voice anywhere," he then added. "You can come and sing it with me, and I’ll do it.” The crowd instantly started cheering because they knew the performance would be one of a kind if Nicole indeed came on the stage and performed. 

Nicole soon took her place on the stage while Keith was all set with his guitar. The pair then began to sing the song together. “Take a little bit of my heart tonight,” they sang together. “No, baby be mine now/ Baby, be mine now / Maybe it’s time we put our hearts in a parallel line.” Seeing the pair come together and sing the song with love, the audience could not help but fall for how adorable and comfortable they looked. 

Nicole and Keith have always been supportive of each other and seeing how she cheered for her husband during the event, there is no doubt she is one of Keith's biggest fans. Even though we haven't seen Nicole showcasing her musical talent, all thanks to Keith we were able to see the other side of her.