Nicole Curtis files for custody of her three-year-old after her ex claims she's 'not a fit' mother

Nicole Curtis files for custody of her three-year-old after her ex claims she's 'not a fit' mother
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Nicole Curtis is knocking the doors of the court once again as her ex, Shane Maguire, has filed for the sole custody of their three-year-old son, Harper. In the court documents that have been obtained by The Blast, he claims that she is "not a fit" mother and has been sabotaging the relationship shared between the father and the child. Shane alleges in the documents that the 'Rehab Addict' star has made custodial handoffs a “game of cat and mouse.” The last straw for Shane was on Father's day when things between the pair got so bad that he had to bring his lawyer into it. 

Shane had to call his lawyer in order to make sure that he got a chance to meet his son. He alleges that Nicole provided a wrong location of where they were and made him drive around the city in order to reach them. Looking at all the steps Nicole has taken in order to ensure that Harper and Shane do not meet, he alleges that she is “not a fit and proper person to share legal or physical custody of the minor  

He insists that because “she is either unable or unwilling to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing parent-child relationship between Harper and [Maguire].” Shane is demanding the court take away her rights of physical custody and grant him the sole custody of their son. Shane put in an official request on July 3. 

Nicole is expected to appear in court later this month to defend the previous allegations that have been made by Shane. While the couple has been having a legal battle for a couple of years now, Shane recently filed a legal complaint against Nicole claiming that she relocated to California from Michigan in order to make sure that he does not get a chance to meet Harper. 

However, he dropped the chargers after the couple settled the case and reached an understanding. It was believed that the pair came to a mutual understanding with regard to the custody battle when they were spotted having dinner. But the situation went back to being bitter when Nicole posted on Instagram stating that she was not allowed to meet Harper on Easter. 


“We both love our children more than anything, and we’re really no different than anyone else trying to navigate through some really trying times and the challenges of being the best mom and dad possible,” she said in an interview with People. Nicole is also a mom to son Ethan, 20, who she shares with ex Steven Cimini.

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 Nicole Curtis fighting for custody of her three year old son Harper