Internet comes to 'Coronation Street' actress Nicola Thorpe's defense after Piers Morgan's unprofessional interview

Internet comes to 'Coronation Street' actress Nicola Thorpe's defense after Piers Morgan's unprofessional interview
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Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were joined by 'Coronation Street' actress Nicola Thorpe and the former editor of the News of the World, Neil Wallis on the show Good Morning Britain

Nicola Thorp and Piers Morgan got into a heated argument over revealing red carpet outfits. The 29-year-old actress appeared on the show to discuss "upskirting" at A-list events. Many viewers and followers defended the actress and called out the TV host for the brutal way in which he interviewed her. 

Nicola who plays the character of Nicola Rubinstein in the 'Coronation Street' cast says that she was subjected to sexist behavior at the 'British Soap Awards' earlier this month. Nicola hit out at photographers who attempt to take pictures up celeb's skirts and also down their top when they arrive at red carpet events. 

However, Piers suggested that one of Nicola's cleavage-baring outfit opened her up to photographers who went on to take whatever kind of pictures that they wanted.


The actress revealed, "I've literally been targeted with a camera up my skirt and down my top" to which Piers responded saying, "That I think is wrong."

Nicola retaliated, "Of course, that is wrong! But..." before being rudely cut short by Piers who said, "But I don't think there's anything wrong with..."

When a visibly angry and upset Nicola said, "Piers, Piers if you're going to ask me a question let me finish it." Piers also went on to challenge Nicola on her view that women are being unfairly objectified on the red carpet. 

Nicola went on to add, "Women are constantly being told they're looking too sexy, too revealing. The photographs of women and the photographs of men on red carpets are reported about much differently. If you just look at the language that is used to describe women…"

However, she was once again interrupted but this time by Neil Wallis who said, "Well don't do it then. You're doing it to promote yourself." 

Susanna Reid argued, "One of the things that women on the red carpet feel, is that whatever they wear they're going to be over-analyzed," in favor of the girls when both Neil and Piers shouted, "Don't go on the red carpet then."


Nicola even attempted to explain her feelings and shared, "I do not wish for women as a whole to be spoken about in that way. I'm attacking the sexism within the media."

To which Piers retorted, "If a man turns up in a red carpet looking ridiculous, fatter than normal or his hair is all gone, he'll get exactly the same treatment. I've had it myself. I don't by into it that it's only women."

"But you've profited from a lot of sexy pictures of yourself on the red carpet?" asked Piers and later even took to tweeting a picture of Nicola wearing a low-cut dress on one such event and captioned the picture, "Miss 'STOP OBJECTIFYING ME ON RED CARPETS!' @nicolathorp_." 

She responded, "Are you saying I was asking for it?"

To which he said, "For media coverage & objective comment? Yes. That's exactly what you were asking for."

Many fans at the same time took to defending Nicola and slammed Piers for actually "bullying" his guest. 

One fan commented, "@GMB I have never seen such an unprofessional interview. Shouting at @nicolathorp_ ?! Piers Morgan should be sacked although I suspect your desire for sensationalism will shine through." 


While another added, "What’s the point of even going on @GMB if Piers constantly talks over people. @nicolathorp_ had so many things she wanted to express but didn’t even get the chance."

Some fans, however, strangely decided to back Piers and sided with him on the controversial debate.  One such fan wrote, "Double standards coming off Nicola @gmb @piersmorgan if she didn’t wear revealing dresses like that the press wouldn’t be able to get photos like that."

Another fan added, "@GMB @piersmorgan Thank goodness for Piers Morgan. I’m no fan but he makes GMB worth watching. Some of the people that come on with their victim mentality is pathetic. Don’t walk on the red carpet half naked if you don’t want to be photographed that way." 


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