Nick Jonas talks about visiting year 3000 and seeing people in masks, Internet asks 'why did you come back?'

Nick Jonas talks about visiting year 3000 and seeing people in masks, Internet asks 'why did you come back?'
Nick Jonas (Getty Images)

American singer Nick Jonas is singing some different tunes off late. Judging by his social media activity, the Internet thinks he has allowed his imagination to run a bit wild. The 27-year-old singer tweeted on August 9, “I’ve been to the year 3000 not much has changed, except everyone was wearing a mask.” In his Instagram post for the same, he added as caption 'And your great great great granddaughter was doing fine'.



He probably meant to stress on the longevity of the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the world and that the future looks too bleak. But it seems like his social awareness joke on the pandemic and human negligence evident from people not wearing masks in public is not being taken seriously by the Internet. The actor has become a butt of jokes on Twitter as people think it is pretentious humor. “Hahaha oh nick you so funny”, wrote one. 


Actor-director Jason Marsden tweeted on how he expected better content from the singer/actor and said he is clearly a “Jonas Brothers ignorant”. “What? I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was following Nick Jonas. Is this the kind of content I should be expecting?”. Further, he said, “Clearly...I’m a #JonasBrosIngnorant.”   



Others went as far as saying that they’d want to simply die if the pandemic is to follow us in a futuristic year 3000. “If we still have to wear masks in the year 3000 I’m yeeting myself off a cliff”, wrote one. 



Many didn't leave a chance to mock Nick’s 2013 song with Jonas Brothers named ‘Year 3000’. The futuristic song is about time travel through a time machine into year 3000 where people have begun to live underwater. “Well if Busted are to be believed in the year 3000 we live underwater! So your choices are we have masks on, we evolved, or we did genetic engineering”, wrote one. 


Another one retorted about the song saying, "The Year 3000" was sung by the Jonas Brothers, so yeah, it's his song. How dare someone reference a song that they took part in creating. Blasphemy.” 


Many people started to compare him with old members in the family-like Grandpa after such a time-traveling tweet. “Went through my grandpa's yearbook from 1958 and saw someone familiar.. maybe he really did time travel”. Quite a few trolled the singer for his observation with one saying: 'If you were in the year 3000, why did you come back?'






However, there were others who took his advice in the true spirit reminding others about the importance of wearing masks to stop the spread of the pandemic or else we could be seeing this scenario being played out in year 3000 as well. "You heard the man. wear a damn mask unless you want to still be wearing one in the year 3000," reasoned one fan. 



Nick's been keeping the audience engaged on social media through the lockdown. Recently, he tweeted about welcoming a pet dog in the family, while posting a gushing picture with wife Priyanka Chopra and the new member leaving his followers melting into a puddle. “Welcome to the family Panda! Panda is a Husky Australian Shepard mix rescue and we’re already in love”. 


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