Donations pour in for ‘hero’ Nick Bostic who rescued five people from house fire in Indiana

Donations pour in for ‘hero’ Nick Bostic who rescued five people from house fire in Indiana
Nick Bostic endangered his life to save four children and their 18-year-old sister from fire (Nick Bostic/Facebook and GoFundMe)

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA: People have shown extreme support to a man who saved the lives of four children and an adult from a house fire last week. Nick Bostic suffered smoke inhalation as well as first-degree burns on his right ankle, right arm, and buttocks as he carried out the heroic act. 

Later, Bostic was rushed to the hospital via air before being reportedly discharged on July 14. The 25-year-old has now received huge financial help from all over the world. The GoFundMe, which was launched by his cousin Richard to fund his recovery, has exceeded its goal of $100,000. At the time of writing, the fundraiser reached $451,619.


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Bostic also thanked people for their love and support as he posted on Facebook, "Thank u everyone for your donations! ❤️❤️❤️‍🩹🙏🙏 thank you everyone for every last thing. Thank u. Thank u. Thank u. I want to make this world a better place!!!! Not just country!"



The message on the fundraiser read, “This kid is the real deal. Sadly, he has some serious injuries and will need help during his recovery.” And, many donors agreed with it as one of them commented, “You truly are a hero. It is the selfless bravery of people like you that our country needs right now. I hope you heal quickly and know many are sending you strength and well wishes.☺️” Another one said, “Running towards danger is a true sign of courage. And you are incredibly courageous. Get well soon.”

The third one wrote, “An incredibly selfless act. Wishing you a quick recovery.” “I normally don't comment but this story is truly amazing and brought tears to eyes. I always see the word hero being used and sometimes question how it is used. In my eyes this young man is a true example of a hero. God bless and prayers for a speedy recovery,” the fourth one shared.

A person stated, “‘When there's nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge is surely the mark of a true Hero!’ - All Might I hope I would have even a fraction of bravery this man displayed if I was ever to find myself in a situation like the one he had to brave through. Greetings from the other side of the world, you are a true hero!”

A comment read, “I know it’s only a small donation I wish I could afford more, but what you did for that family is a truly heroic deed ! It resonated strongly with me because my father was a fireman here in the UK it’s not a job you can go home and wash off and you brave sit have now placed Pizza Delivery Guys within that same realm! Bravo! Bravo! You have helped me believe we are not lost as a human race thank you & I hope your life is filled with people who love you.”

On July 11, Bostic was reportedly going to get gas for his vehicle late at night on July 11 when he saw the Lafayette house’s porch ablaze. Without thinking much, he went inside and “I was hollering ‘Is there anybody in there?,’” before rescuing all the members — who have been identified as Seionna Barrett, 18; Shaylee, 13; Kaylani, 6, Kaleia, 1, and Shaylee’s friend Livian Knifley, 13.

Seionna was babysitting the children when the incident happened. Bostic first managed to take out four of them from the house but the babysitter soon let him know that Kaylani was still inside. He said, “I ran inside and looked under beds and closets, but I couldn’t find her. But when I got to the stairs that led downstairs, I heard some faint crying.”

He eventually found Kaylani but “it was extremely hot and smoky, and it was painful to breathe. The only light I could see was coming from the rooms upstairs. So I headed up there,” and shattered the window before jumping two floors to the ground with the child.



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Lt Randy Sherer of the Lafayette Police Department also praised Bostic as he said, “His selflessness during this incident is inspiring. He went down those stairs to save that little girl when he thought it was impossible just moments before. He knew he was risking his life. There’s only one way to define that: courageous and heroic.”


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