Trump's 'favorite' author Nick Adams trolled for urging ‘alpha males’ to take families to eat at Hooters

Trump's 'favorite' author Nick Adams trolled for urging ‘alpha males’ to take families to eat at Hooters
Nick Adams, Donald Trump's favorite conservative author, was brutally trolled online for a series of tweets about Hooters (@NickAdamsinUSA/Twitter and Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Nick Adams, a conservative and self-proclaimed Donald Trump's favorite author, was brutally trolled online on Monday, November 7, 2022, for a series of tweets where he could not stop talking about his preferred restaurant -- Hooters. Adams put out a series of tweets where he urged that the restaurant was a fine establishment built for families and asked the 'alpha males' to go to the hang-out spot with their friends and families. His obsession with the restaurant was noticed by the netizens which led to him being ridiculed on social media.

An Australian-born but an American conservative political commentator and author by choice, the 37-year-old put out several tweets like, "Put down the Fortnite controllers and go to Hooters with the boys." He even shared a video where he explained that he was tired of people telling him that Hooters was not a family restaurant, captioning it, "Put down the rabbit food. Put down the tofu. Go to Hooters!" Adams again tweeted, "I am sick and tired of beta males and feminists trying to guilt alpha males out of eating at Hooters. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with eating at Hooters on a weekly basis, EVEN with the family and kids." The MAGA writer later defended himself against the online backlash saying, "The beta male left can attack me all they want, I will NEVER apologize for being an alpha male who eats at Hooters." 


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Internet trolls Nick Adams for a series of tweets

One user heavily trolled Adams and tweeted, "It was the first place where a woman gave him positive attention." Another user slammed Adams and his obsession with Hooters saying, "Wow. nothing says manly alpha males like a bunch of men hanging around together pretending to be manly men together eating wings surrounded by minimum wage college girls like those you never had a chance with in college if you ever went."



One user slammed Adams for his tweet where he urged people to stop playing Fortnite and start eating at Hooters saying, "Nick Adamopoulos (delta male) demands that underaged pre-teens playing Fortnite should go to Hooters. Christian values aren't what they used to be...... huh Nick?"

Another user wrote, "Isn’t an alpha male the man who commits to his family, doing what he needs to do to keep them safe and secure. Not gallivanting with the “boys”."



One user attacked Adams for his 'Alpha Male' persona and said, "You’re really trying to convince yourself you’re alpha. Pro tip: if you were, you wouldn’t have to tell people."

Another user tweeted, "I dunno what's more laughable, the fact that you made Hooters of all places central to your identity validation, where you literally pay women to put up with you, or that you don't even have one single intern who can correct you that Fortnite isn't a console."



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