Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon arrested over drugs, looks 'unrecognizable'

'I decided that the best way for me to regain my health was to enter a treatment facility,' he said

                            Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon arrested over drugs, looks 'unrecognizable'
Nicholas Brendon arrested over drugs (Vigo Jail/BBC)

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star Nicholas Brendon was arrested in western Indiana, where he was accused of possessing illegally obtained prescription drugs. 

Brendon was allegedly stopped by police after he was seen driving erratically in his silver Dodge Journey last week. Brendon, who played the lead role of Zany sidekick Xander Harris in the 'Buffy' series, was said to have been sweaty and out of sorts when cops pulled him over in Vigo County, Indiana. His identity card showed the name Kelton Schultz, whom Brendon told police was his twin brother. Brendon’s surname is Schultz, which he doesn’t use professionally. He has a brother who’s 3-minutes his senior.


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The authorities reportedly called in a K9 unit after they said they found a small bag containing “crystal/powder residue” as well as a pill bottle prescribed to “Nicholas Bender.” After the authorities investigated, several bags of residue, as well as a recent prescription for amphetamine salts in Kelton Schultz’s name, came to light. Brendon allegedly told cops he’d taken pills written out to his brother and stated they have the same prescription. According to a report by TMZ, police believe Brendon was either abusing the pills or “using his brother’s ID to procure” more than he was allowed, possibly to be sold.

The Los Angeles native was then arrested for not providing proper identification and getting a prescription via fraud. Brendon’s post-Buffy years have included several arrests. In 2015, Brendon told a TV doctor that he consumed alcohol to treat his anxiety. Wed M.D. describes amphetamine salts as stimulants that help people stay focused and control behavior problems. Brendon looked unrecognizable in the mugshot taken after his arrest in which he has long hair, almost to his shoulders, and a gray beard and mustache. 

In October 2017, Brendon was accused of domestic violence after getting arrested in Palm Springs, California, when police alleged he "drunkenly attacked his girlfriend at a hotel bar." According to TMZ, the actor was accused of "pulling his girlfriend's hair and yanking her arm" when she tried to leave the table. Last February, he allegedly struck a plea deal and would serve three years of probation and complete a 52-week domestic violence course as well as 20 hours of community service. He first checked into rehab in 2004, a year after Buffy ended. At that time, People magazine reported that he said: "After realizing that I had a disease that was taking control of my life, I decided that the best way for me to regain my health was to enter a treatment facility." But that wasn't his only rehab visit, as he went in again six years later when he was charged with vandalism, resisting arrest and battery against a police officer. He was sentenced to community service. In 2015, he was charged with third-degree robbery, criminal mischief and obstruction of breathing for choking a different girlfriend. He avoided a sentence for those charges by agreeing to drug and alcohol counseling and one-year probation.

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